Can’t Talk – Jet Lag

Flying from the east coast to California is so easy.

Adjusting back to the eastern time zone is so hard.

I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow, but in the meantime here is a picture of The Kaiser. It should help you people tell him and Devra apart.
Kaiser Purse
Or maybe not. Anyway, the caption contest was hilarious. I’m going to keep it open for a day or two. You guys were killing me in the comments. Devra was reading them to me in San Francisco airport (she has a Blackberry) and I was laughing so hard that I may have caused a scene. I was crying. We were both crying.

So to clear up any more confusion The Kaiser is the one with the beard and Devra is the one with the purse. Wait – no. Whatever. This is The Kaiser. Check my flickr account for more pictures.
(If you have any pictures from BlogHer on flickr add them to the BlogHer ’06 group.)

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  1. Hi Sarah, it was great meeting you this weekend if only briefly! You’re a hoot!

  2. Wait, so Kaiser has a beard . . .

    Does that mean they both have a mustache? I’m so confused.

  3. Like my husband always says, it’s the accessories that make the man!

  4. For the record, I do not have a facial hair now, I have not had facial hair in the past and I don’t plan to have a facial hair in the future. (and I would absolutely hope that if I ever grow chin hairs someone will alert me!)

    However, like Erin, I do carry a purse and wear glasses.

  5. I was just assuming that this was the bag that the previously mentioned ointment was stored in.
    Thus, the clutching of the bag like it’s manna from heavan.

  6. yeah, ummmmm, whose purse IS that by the way?
    cuz, ummmmm……..I’m gonna pass the hat to get you a new purse.

  7. Again, to clarify, I have my own purse and it doesn’t look at all like the Kaiser’s.

  8. This is what alcohol will do to you:

    Sarah: “You have to pose for a picture with the purse!”
    Kaiser: “No!”
    Sarah: “Come on!”
    Kaiser: “Okay.”

    As an American I refuse to take any personal responsibility for my actions.

  9. The man bag is SO in!

  10. It’s Tuesday – are we back in the groove yet?

    I’m not, of course…it’s after 10am and I’m still in my robe, drinking gallons and gallons of coffee and trying to figure out how I can go back to sleep and still do something productive today.

    It was great to meet and hang out with you this weekend! Yet another fantastic blogger chicky that I have added to my Bloglines. :)

  11. What I want to know is how in the hell I made it out of San Jose without meeting the Queen and the Kaiser. Any guy who carries a man bag is all right by me.

    And Sarah – now that I’ve met you, I’m more determined than ever to haul my arse back to NoVA for a visit.

  12. Every photo I see of Blogher makes me wish that I’d had more time to hang out with each and every person. There just wasn’t enough time! I’m so glad I met you Sarah, and thanks for introducing me to Devra, the Queen and the Kaiser! I’m already planning my trip to Chicago next year, if you’re there I hope we can hang out more.

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