Perfect Post Award – July

My Perfect Post award for July goes to Dad Gone Mad* for his post “The High Cost of Being a Wussboy“. It’s been a while since I have laughed this hard at a post. It contains the phrase “the pain of 40,000 vasectomies”. I really think that Danny is one of the best writers on the internet. If you don’t know who he is (Where the hell have you been?) you should go check him out.

A Perfect Post

You can go to Suburban Turmoil and Petroville to see the rest of the nominees for July.

(*Even though I am going to soundly kick his ass in Fantasy Football)

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  1. Uh, EXCUSE me? I thought I was the best on the internet 😉

    How you doin’?? Sorry I haven’t written, pal. I was viewing your BlogHer pics and MAN, I’m sorry I didn’t go. Looks like you had a great time!!!!!

  2. I agree! Danny is one of the best writers on the web. His writing always makes me laugh. HARD.

    Now how about posting your top ten (says the guy who has taken six weeks to post half his list)?

  3. I will post the top 10 tomorrow. I’m still moving things around.

  4. God, I LOVE DGM. And that post had me peeing my pants with laughter, too.

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