Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (The Top 10!)

Ta-Da! The final 10. This was the hardest part of the list. I rearranged the top 8 songs almost every day since I have started this list. Also, Gabe pointed out to me yesterday he couldn’t believe that The Stooges self titled album wasn’t on here since I listen to it so much. All I can say is that at one time it was here and it some how got lost. It should be in my 11 – 20 and everything else should shift down one. I don’t know what happened. I also somehow left off The Pietasters “Strapped Live”. It should be more in the 50’s. Oh well. Here goes…

You can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here , 80 – 71 here, 70 – 61 here, 60 – 51 here, 50 – 41 here, 40 – 31 here, 30 – 21 here and 20 -11 here.

Chaos A.D. Sepultura
10 – Sepultura – Chaos A.D.
I absolutely love this CD. I love the tribal style drums that Igor Cavalera plays on this album. This is (in my opinion) Sepultura’s best recording by far. “Refuse/Resist” and “Territory” are both the singles and my favorite tracks and Jello Biafra wrote the lyrics on “Biotech is Godzilla”.

Leisure Blur
9 – Blur – Leisure
I have spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I just can’t put my finger on what it is about this album that I love so much. It isn’t my typical thing. This CD isn’t heavy or angry or anything like that, but I can listen to it over and over and over.

Pearl Jam Ten
8 – Pearl Jam – Ten
Oh “Ten”. Pearl Jam before we knew that Eddie Vedder was a jackass. I still love the song “Alive” almost as much as I did the first time I heard it on the radio. “Deep” is a fantastic song.

Toxicity System of a Down
7 – System of a Down – Toxicity
Wow. I know it’s the first single but “Chop Suey”. Wow. Also “Forest”. This album had great harmonies, great guitar work, and crazy time changes. It was unlike anything I knew at the time it came out.

6 – Marilyn Manson – Portrait of an American Family
Soooooooo angry. Soooooooo heavy. This band used to be great. Before this album came out, I used to see these guys around the clubs occasionally in Tampa (they’re from South Florida) and they used to carry lunch boxes, wear bowling shoes and striped knee socks and wear some sort of Hello Kitty perfume. I always thought they were a bunch of tools. Then on New Years Eve 1993/1994 I saw them play live. I was completely blown away. I’ve seen them several times since then and they were on a slow decline for at least 10 years. Now I don’t even pay attention to them anymore. Still – I love this album so much that I can’t even pick a favorite song.

White Blood Cells White Stripes
5 – The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
This was the first album I ever stole from the internet. I didn’t even know the album cover looked like this until I put this picture here. There was a month or two where this was pretty much all I listened to. The songs are all so different from each other.

Blood Sugar Sex
4 – The Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik
One night I was watching “120 Minutes” and I saw the video for “Give it Away”. The very next day I went to the store and bought this tape. (Yes, tape. It was 1991, I was in college, leave me alone.) I ruined this tape from overplaying it – twice. I have bought it three times on CD (I think someone stole it from me just to see if I would notice it was missing), making it very expensive for me.

3 – Alice In Chains – Dirt
This could have easily been #1. I like almost everything about this album. I like it for completely different reasons now from the reasons I liked it in 1992. Back then “God Smack” was my favorite song. I loved it for the heaviness. In 1999 my favorite song was “Junkhead” because of the harmonies. Now it’s probably “Dirt” for the lyrics. I could go on for days about how much I love Alice in Chains, but I’ve got two more to go.

Pretty Hate Machine
2 – Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine
It’s more than just a bunch of great songs. It’s a journey through Trent Reznor’s really unhealthy relationship.

Appetite For Destruction
1 – Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction
I spent a lot of time rearranging my top ten. For a long time I had “Pretty Hate Machine” in this slot. It just didn’t seem right. This is my “If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one CD…”. There aren’t any bad songs, I even like the ballads. It’s a perfect rock n roll album.


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  1. Nice – four or five of your top 10 will be on my list somewhere – hmmm – Jello Biafra and Sepultura – very interesting. Do you think many people today know who Jello is?

  2. Alright! The list is complete. There’s only three on your Top Ten that I don’t know at all (2,6 and 9) and two more I don’t know very well (1 and 3). My dad picked up that Sepultura album for me after work right when it came out, and told me the store clerk looked at him a little funny. I don’t really like them too much anymore, but don’t know why. When we went to Thailand, we did Karaoke with some of our friend’s friends, and introduced them to Guns n Roses. They had ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and I don’t think those girls had ever heard it before. We were introduced to some Thai pop songs with English lyrics in return. Also, as much as I like their songs, I cannot tolerate Axl. But then again, he made them so recognizable.

  3. Funny, I was just thinking about the whole being stranded on a desert island thing (or, like, moving to Norway or something) to try and figure out my top 10. Still don’t know if I can do it.

  4. Frank Sucks says:

    After all this, G ‘N R on top. You are a girl of your time.

  5. That Stooges album…man some of the time signatures are so whacky that it makes my heart leap around in my chest when I listen. It has been a loooooong time.

  6. The first Marilyn Manson album was killer (I should’ve probably had it on my list). And you’re right– they went downhill FAST after that. I was able to catch them live twice (once with NIN) and they put on a great show. But that was back before Marilyn Manson became MARILYN MANSON.

    Great ending to your list!

  7. Hooray, the list is complete! I feel slightly redeemed in my angry-music cred because some of these either made or nearly made my list.

    I’ve only caught the same Marilyn Manson songs that the rest of the casual listeners have (that androgynous album cover was enough for me). NIN were once GREAT (although I saw them live and it was lacking) and Head Like a Hole was AWESOME. The rest–Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, White Stripes, even Blur–are all excellent picks, but G’n’R is absolutely deserving of it’s place. In fact I would have been disappointed in you if it weren’t there.

  8. I’m glad i didn’t let you guys down.

    Everyone here knows who Jello is, right?

  9. sarah, i have goosebumps, it is so cool to see and read about what moves you. this was so cool! wow. i wish i would take the time to do it! rock on


  10. There’s always room for Jello… there, I said it… someone was bound to say it, I just wanted to get it out of the way.

    I live GNR, but NIN is more of my wife’s thing (she saw them in concert while we were dating in college). The Red Hot Chili Peppers and White Stripes will be making an appearance (hell, so will GNR) somewhere on my list.

    Great Top 10, btw.

  11. I have “Appetite For Destruction” in our car’s CD changer right now. Timeless classic.

    But I love NIN too. I can understand the difficulty in choosing between them.

  12. The only one I would not include in my own Top Ten would be #10, cause I’ve never heard of it. Your other nine kick ass. AIC would be #4 for me and Ten would be #1, but NIN would be #3 and GNR would be #2.

    Did that make any sense at all?

  13. This list. I love it. It’s so you (though Blur was a surprise). I’m off to iMesh to download some of this music that I don’t already have (been meaning to stop and listen to the White Stripes for awhile now).

  14. I LOVED Marilyn Manson too!! That album was totally the best one. I used to crank that one (Cake and Sodomy all the way) on the way to Youth Group in high school. How wrong is THAT?? I also saw him live in 1999 and it was right after Anitchrist Superstar (sorry, but another kick ass one too. gotta go pull that out of the stash and dust it off) and he was, hands down, the best live show I have ever seen. Granted I don’t go to a lot of live shows, but he blew me away. The whole thing. I was a soph in college and my best friend and I dressed up as Catholic school girls b/c the show was the day before Halloween. Totally out of character and I think that’s why I loved it so much.

    Thanks for busting that out. Seriously gotta go listen to them now.

  15. Who is Jello? Oh lord. Is this a “you are too old Devra” or “You are not too old, but you weren’t in the right crowd Devra”?

  16. It’s a “you weren’t in the right crowd Devra.” Jello is older than you. He was the frontman for the Dead Kennedys.

  17. Devra, it’s a totally different crowd thing. My list doesn’t even remotely resemble Sarah’s. That just means we’d have twice as much music on our deserted island together.

  18. This is because last week I had to explain to Devra the difference between New Order and Testament’s “The New Order”.

    She said felt old. I said it was not an age thing, they were probably only a couple of years apart.

  19. This is the best Top Ten list I’ve ever seen. Pearl Jam, Chili Peppers, GNR!! Would you consider making me a mix CD? I need to get some education here. I’m with Devra, I definitely hung out with the wrong crowd in High School.

  20. That’s funny, because I always heard I was hanging out with “the wrong crowd”.

  21. Excellent. You picked a fine #1. What a sensational album that still holds up 20 years later. Wait..20 years? Damn.

  22. OMG. Fantastic top 10! I agree with every one except Marilyn…he still scares the poopy out of me.

  23. Found myself nodding in agreement to quite a bit of your 100. Rock on!

  24. I would have to put Pretty Hate Machine at number 1. I was in a really unhealthy relationship when I listened to that CD the most and I felt like Trent Reznor understood me.
    Like only a 30 year old guy could understand a teenage girl.
    (ok, that doesn’t make sense and I’m only guessing on the age, but I do LOVE this album.)

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