Randomness Part 45

The nice thing about having your kids get older is that you can talk them through bringing you a new roll of toilet paper in an emergency. (Thanks Claudia.)

Has anybody else noticed that “The Wonder Pets!” is almost entirely in recitative?

I don’t care how much you pay me, I will never ever watch the movie “Snakes on a Plane“. (Unless someone does me up a la Alex in “A Clockwork Orange”).
A Clockwork Orange Alex eyes
Wow. That picture came out big. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to work WordPress, but nobody hold their breath.

I must be the number one source on the internet for pictures of Simeon Rice or if you need a picture of Brad Pitt holding a cup. I got 320 hits from google image last week. Most of them were searching for one of these two pictures. (Honestly, you would be shocked how many people search for “Brad Pitt cup”.)

I was going to link to my prom picture again (seeing as how my top 10 albums were pretty rock n roll, and I was going to show that I didn’t just talk the talk) when I noticed that a lot of my pictures from my archives disappeared in the move from blogspot to here. Can anyone help me fix this?

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  1. we were just having that discussion about wonderpets this morning!

  2. Have you watched the trailer? http://www.snakesonaplane.com/

    Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes.

  3. I won’t pay to see snakes on a plane in the theater but I’ll sure as hell rent it and make up some drinking game to go with it.
    ominous background music: drink!
    children happily playing, unaware of the peril that looms: drink!
    woman alone in bathroom where noone can hear her scream: drink!
    samuel L lookin’ fine and kicking snake boo-tay: drink!

  4. Who is noone?
    ::::::running and ducking::::::::::

  5. Hey, where’d you get that photo of me? That’s actually when my ex-girlfriend dragged me to a Lilith Fair concert. I still have night terrors.

  6. Dude, I feel ya on the snakes. Here’s my problem: the hubby is a pilot and drags me to every (^%**%%*^(^$* airplane movie imaginable, no matter how bad or good!! let me recap a few for you:
    View from the top
    soul plane
    United 93 (waaaay too soon)
    One Six Right

    and a whole hell of a lot more. how much you bet I am gonna be dragged, kicking and screaming, to this one?

  7. Are the photos actually gone or just showing as broken links? I had a lot of broken links at first, the pages seemed to take a few days to catch up.

    I just want to see Clerks II. I think I’ll join Kara in her DVD-renting, drinking game fun.

  8. I just read a whole article about SNAKES ON A PLANE and i’m not completely DOWN for a theater experience.
    BTW – the industy acronym for it is SoaP.

    Sam Jackson says they should’ve called it DEADLY ASS SNAKES ON A PLANE.

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