Thanks Junipers!

Dutch gave me two of these superfly Willie Nelson shirts at BlogHer. What can I say? Only one of the children was feeling cooperative today.* The blue one won’t wear any shirt that isn’t pajamas this week. (Picture me rolling my eyes like crazy.) I’m serious. He has no problem wearing a metal mixing bowl on his head – but he won’t wear a regular shirt.

Whatever. I’ve learned to choose my battles with these two. Yesterday Ian carried a pink purse to the grocery store that contained a hammer, a wrench and a screwdriver. Try to put that together in your head. Claudia’s purse (also pink) had a pair of plastic pliers and a pair of pink sunglasses. Gender stereotypes be damned.

*That is pretty typical, but more often than not Claudia is the obstinate one.

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  1. Well, at least she has learned to be prepared to ply at any moment.

  2. surly Willie looks great on her! Willie wants you to buy biowillie! (that’s right: willie nelson is now selling biodiesel fuel at gas stations throyghout texas and the south; it’s called “biowillie”):

  3. Claudia looks fabulous. And at least you can get Ian to dress. Our little guy seems to be living in a pants optional world.

  4. Wearing Willie Nelson shirts and carrying tools around in her purse. Careful, she’s THIS close to being on “Blue Collar TV.” 😉

  5. Just doing a BlogHer walk and got a great kick out of your site. Especially the Willy Nelson T-shirt. Now THAT is a kid with fashion sense. :-)

  6. BWAHAHAHA! Listen, my kids have BIG personalities (that’s my nice way of saying it) and I’m never shocked by how other kids are dressed or what they are carrying. Okay, not so. The quiet, well-behaved kids wearing perfectly coordinated Gymboree outfits (Clean! Neat! No stains! No stickers!) with neat hair make me want to ask their mom what drug she uses. It would be a nice fix every now and again. Like the almost-5-year-old wearing the 2T magenta tutu with a purple spangled tube top and Superman cape, hair atop head a la Madonna 1985. While carrying a doll wearing a multi-colored washcloth as a togo, in a red straw purse. Somehow, it works. In a way at least I can appreciate, and I do like to pretend the people staring are appreciating how CREATIVE! my kids are.

  7. My son sported tupperware measuring cup as a hat for about 2 years. It was one of those 12 cuppers with the handle, if anyone is familiar with Tupperware. He called it “The Big White Hat”. The only reason he stopped wearing it is because his head grew and the plastic did not allow for his sweat to escape and he did not like having a constantly wet head of hair. It didn’t negatively impact him. He has friends. They may not know his history tho…

  8. Ian was carrying a pink purse around the store with a hammer, a wrench and a screwdriver? And you didn’t get a picture of it??


  9. She could not be cuter.

    And sometimes, my little girls take purses to the store and they have tools in them. So go figure. Tools and chapstick.

    It was fun to meet you at BlogHer. Yet another one it is SO COOL to put the person with the persona. Wow!

  10. Well, I applaud his initiative in wearing the metal mixing bowl, and I understand why he does it, but please let him know that if he doesn’t line it with tin foil, it will not block out the alien mind control beams.

  11. Sweet, sweet shirt!

  12. I’m kicking myself for not getting some of those.

  13. queen: I would be happy to send you one.

  14. that is one cutie bootie shirt, not even to mention the kid it’s on! ya;ll need to stop rambling about blogher perks because i’m already about to put my head in teh oven over missing it, GRRRRR

  15. That shirt is awesome! I totally missed out on the best stuff, damn social anxiety.

  16. She’d like to be “On the road again…”

  17. One of the dads in my oldest’s MUSIC WITH MAR class has discovered the fine art of screen printing and his 12 month old has the ROCKINEST Onesies Ever. I’m completely jealous and may reproduce JUST so I can have a kid in some of these.
    Last week it was TATTOO from Fantasy Island, and the week before that it was a lovely homage to Different Strokes…….oh the possibilities. I think there was one week where the boy was Pitying The Fool with the help of Mr T.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with Willie Nelson. Ever.
    He is ubercool.

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