The problem with this post is that I have to admit that we watch “Hell’s Kitchen”.

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  1. Maybe she has four stomachs . . . ?

  2. Tammy and I watch the show and really like it. I know I’m an ass, but I would laugh everytime he called her a cow. For some reason it cracks me up. And his calling the tard that refers to himself as K-Grease, “big-boy”. But the cow thing really cracked me up. I think it had more to do with her being from Texas.

  3. I think the fact that he gets away with it is appauling.

    Time for you to stop watching Hells Kitchen. Put him out of business.

    I mean, its not just tacky…it’s even more sick because he’s doing it in front of millions. I have only seen the last half of one show, and I was ready to hit him. Now I KNOW I won’t be watching again.

  4. I always thought calling someone a cow meant she was ugly, not that she was fat.

    Otherwise “fat cow” would be redundant, no? Like calling someone a stupid dummy? Or a dick reality show star?

  5. I’m big on redundancies. I repeat myself. I say the same thing over and over.

  6. Lyndzloo says:

    I think he means she’s just stupid or dumb. If you think about it, the only other fat reference he’s made is “big boy”. And there have been other people on there that were bigger…..

  7. Sarah watches reality shows. Nanner-nanner-boo-boo.

    For the record, I think the “cow” should refer to him as Tiny Dick from now on.

  8. What always cracks me up about that show (though I don’t watch it – my husband pissed and moaned last night while I watched Wife Swap, so I’m not even going to TRY to watch HK) is that all the commercials show the chef guy calling someone a donkey. Yeah, like that’s an insult.

    If someone I was trying to impress called me a donkey, I think I would have to laugh in their face.

  9. Ok, i am so jealous of you….because i know you are the same height as me, and you weigh what i want to weigh…only 90 more lbs to lose! which seems ridculous. but i will do it. I appreciate your rant though on what the media does to body image. i totally agree. It really bugs me when i catch an american idol judge or something tell someone with an amazing voice that they need to lose 50 lbs. that they can’t make it in the business unless they lose that weight. it is a terrible cycle that the media has gotten us to expect skinny people, and then we don’t accept less than skinny people.

    whew, ok, enough of MY soapbox.


  10. “Cow” definitely has a “fat” connotation, even if he only “means” ugly. Especially for women. And since he isn’t calling any of the men “cows,” I’m even more inclined to interpret it the way you are.

    What pisses me off about it is that (I may be wrong about these assumptions because I don’t watch) 1.) he wouldn’t refer to a male in a term like this, and 2.) even if he DID refer to a male as being overweight in a negative tone, it would be taken differently by the audience, which further entrenches all of us in the stupid mindset that women should be small and beautiful, that small IS beautiful, and that anything else (on a woman!) is ugly.

  11. Chris is into this show too, which means I end up watching at least parts of it. Tied to the annoyance of hearing Ramsay call that woman a cow is my annoyance that he seems to be picking a cute thin woman to win. I’ll be surprised if he ends up picking the blonder woman over that dark haired woman (sorry, I have refused to focus on the people’s names).

  12. Well as your FATTEST Friend I’d say yeah, cow means fat. At least it’s what it’s meant by any random prick who has thrown it at me, in the past. Stupid cow, fat cow is like even WORSE than just cow. You’re double fat. It’s like living in hell, living in a super size culture and being this incredibly fat.
    He’s demeaning her, and making her not human.
    But if she called him DICKLESS she’d be emasculating him and somehow that’s WORSE.

  13. I’ve seen it and he. is. a. tard.

    ‘Nuff said. Because what YOU said is exactly right.

  14. I will admit to Big Brother and American Idol, but that’s it. And…Amazing Race. But THAT’s it.

    And as for being fat, after almost a year post-babIES, I feel it. People say that I’m not, but I feel every piece of fat that’s laying around so unpleasantly on my body. I hate it when I hear people calling normal looking women “fat” because they aren’t thisclose to skeletal. Hate it.

  15. I agree with all the ranting about the stupid media and mixed messages about eating and thinness and all of it, but I sort of remember a scene from Bridget Jones where her dad called his wife a “daft cow” with affection, so I wondered if maybe “cow” has a different connotation in England. I googled it (dork alert!) and learned that “cow” means: Noun. 1. A contemptible woman, a ‘bitch’. Derogatory, but often used less aggressively, as an affectionate aside, as in ‘silly cow’, see also ‘moo’.

    It’s still annoying, though. Calling her “bitch” is not any better than calling her “fat.” But the British slang website where I found that is pretty funny:

  16. I was actually more annoyed with Virginia purchasing a “cow” for Sara in on of the episodes. Like some of the others, I felt Ramsey’s use of it was along the lines of calling her stupid and not a commentary on her weight, but when Virginia bought her the china cow, I got more of an impression that was a commentary on the way Sara appeared.

    My husband is from rural Colorado and he maintains it is common knowledge on farms that cows are more stupid than fat.

    I’m not sure how that plays in a kitchen, but I don’t think I would want to be labeled a cow for either of those reasons.

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