Did she just say “a cow skull”?

I was sitting around cleaning my house and trying to think of something interesting to talk about today. I had no inspiration until I was checking my bloglines. Tammie over at Soul Gardening wanted to know what the weirdest thing is that we have displayed in our house.


A cow skull.

Cow Skull

That’s right. You heard me. A cow skull. A real one from a real cow. I think Gabe got it in Montana or Wyoming.

As you can see, it is currently displayed in our garage (which is awesome, because it is the only room our neighbors get to see inside regularly) but for a while it was actually hanging on the wall in our family room.

Does anyone else have any animal skulls hanging around your house? (and it doesn’t count if you actually worship the devil either).

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  1. Dear God no. And I can say with utmost certainty that we never will. I’d flip.

  2. Hooray! I’ll add you to the contest participants. This totally reminds me of my granparents who also used to have a cow skull hanging in their house. Very random.

  3. Do your grandparents hang out with Gabe?

  4. I can’t win. I took it out of the house for you. It might look good on your night table. I am shocked that the rap snacks didn’t make the cut, especially since the Misfits action figures are in the closet.

  5. No skulls in my house. Too creepy. Reminds me of visiting grandma’s farm. A cow died in the pasture and no one knew where for years. Until the bones were found. I freakin’ had nightmares. What? I was 8!

  6. THE RAP SNACKS! How could I forget about the Rap Snacks. I’m going to have to submit two pictures.

  7. Does this mean the Eddie poster is down?

  8. I had to look around, not to see if we had any cow skulls, but to think about whether what we have up is weird. I think the best I can do is the hard plastic sign ((2’x3′) Chris stole from his last job that reads:

    Allowed In This Area

    (It would be even better if we had another sign reading: Warning: Dangerous Equations, Enter At Your Own Peril.)

  9. No animal skulls for me, either. I do have an ugly weird little doll? animal? chicken? thing that was my grandparents’ and I think it has real human hair. I will have to photograph and post for Tammie, though I am at Mr. Stapler’s house for a week, so it might be a while.

  10. No skulls here, but I had a deer hide as a teen. A friend went to vocational school for forestry, and she brought me a deer hide once, to teach me how to tan it so I could have a deer-skin rug. Yeah, a little weird, I know.

  11. Nope. No skulls. I can safely say we are not like that.

    That’s not a bad thing! I just mean, when an animal is dead I hope to see it on my plate with some BBQ sauce and nothing else lingering around. But it explains some things about you…

  12. no skulls around here

    the weirdest thing? Weird is subjective you know… hmm the thing that makes people giggle the most would have to be the framed record sleeve entitled Manischewitz presents The Jewish Cowboy. Apparently jewish cowboy campfire songs were big during the 1960s Jewish high holy days

  13. You know what that skull needs? A cute hat. Really!

  14. No animal skulls, but I do have a human skull. But it doesn’t hang from a wall, it just sits on the shelf in my office/guest bedroom.

  15. aah, cow skulls. When I was young my brother loved them. He would paint them and hang them in his room. One night my parents woke up to a thud, searched for the noise and couldn’t find it. My brother then enters their room bleeding profusely from the head. Emergency room and many stitches later the lesson learned: Never hang cow skull above your bed!!

  16. No skulls, but I do have a stuffed armadillo… does that count?

  17. I think I can win the Weirder Than Thou award. We have a turkey foot. Which has been turned into a wall-hanging candleholder.

    No, I’m serious.

  18. Yes… A cow-skull of a differnt color

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