Do Bob the Builder and Wendy have a thing going on? (and other burning questions that people have searched for)

At BlogHer I learned that you should keep you post titles short and to the point if you want more traffic. Oops. Well, I haven’t given you a list of the searches that have ended up here in a while and today is your lucky day.

First off, I don’t know if Bob the Builder and Wendy “have a thing going on” but if I were pressed on this one I’d say yes. They share a cat, right?Bob_the_Builder_wendy_pilcher

Here are some more things I don’t have here:

Tony Dungy Wedding Pictures

Courtney Love’s favorite bands

lyrics to as song if I had me a bag of good wishes (sic)

Danzig 4 album meaning

bukkake news

natty dread hair cream

royal family fart

Eddie griffin masterbate (sic)

devra tan airport daughter

anti-sandal blog

If Sarah has six bananas and Laura has twelve apples, how many vowels do they have between them?

trent reznor crazy pictures

kingsley lake show horses

People also wanted to know if the following people were gay (I’m not kidding. All of these are real): I’m sorry, I don’t know.
Ray Gillen
Simeon Rice
Anthony Wiggle
Robbie Rotten

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  1. And I for one am very glad you don’t have those things here! 😉

  2. Random! So very random. My searches are always so boring, I think I must be doing something wrong! :-)

  3. Bob and Wendy are totally getting it on after the shop closes.

    I haven’t been able to watch that show with a straight face since someone asked that a long time ago.

  4. Doesn’t the BOY track the Bukkakke news at your house?

  5. Does the royal family really fart? No WAY!

  6. “devra tan airport daughter”. I guess I should look and see if anyone has searched “sarah pale train station son” and reached my blog. Or does this mean I was supposed to meet Amy Tan and her daughter at the airport?

  7. Down with sandals! I hate sandals! Die, sandals, die!

  8. What program do you use to get these search results? I use Stat Counter, and all I can get is one day at a time. Today’s hit, “caiou kids”. Huh? Can’t stand that whiney brat.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Anthony Wiggle is Straight, and married.

  10. Should Erin feel bad that you got the royal family fart search hit?

  11. LOL “royal family fart” Do you think you could bottle that and sell it for tons of cash?

  12. I get the Royal Family Fart, naked, nudists, sex, etc. variations all the time. She’s just riding my coattails.

  13. I think Robbie Rotten is probably gay, but I really hope Sportacus is NOT. He’s hot with his Icelandic muscles.

  14. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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  1. […] Sarah wants to know what Wendy and Bob the Builder got goin’ on. Oddly, my wife and I were just wondering this weekend whether Wendy was the centerpiece of some freaky-deaky after-work group action. (Yeah, we talk like that around here. Woe be unto our offspring.) […]