Conjuction Junction, What’s Your Function?

You know how I’m always telling you guys that if my friends all jumped off a bridge I would too?

Do you need more proof?

Yesterday, The Lovely Mrs. Davis (who likes to tell people what to think) wrote about how it was “Sesame Street’s” 37th anniversary yesterday and wanted all of us to write about what it was from our own childhood that we were exited to share with our children.

For me it was Schoolhouse Rock.
Schoolhouse Rock

I actually bought four of these on VHS way before I had kids. I own “Grammar Rock”, “Multiplication Rock”, “America Rock” and “History Rock”. I know you guys remember these from Saturday morning cartoons if you are my age. i loved “Interplanet Janet” and “Conjunction Junction” and “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here” (I tried really hard to get that as my ringtone once, but it didn’t work out. it just got stuck in my head for a month). I always looked forward to seeing these between cartoons.
Interplanet Janet

I don’t mean to take anything away from “Sesame Street” itself. The Goon Squad and I are actually watching “Sesame Street” as I type this thanks to TiVo. I love this show. I am completely convinced it is why my kids know the letter “Y” (and they know “W” from “The Backyardigans”). Elmo obsessions aside, I think “The Street” is great for the kids. I know some people don’t like kids watching tv, but “Sesame Street” teaches them tolerance, letters, acceptance AND Spanish. How can you go wrong?

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  1. My friends and I were just discussing “Schoolhouse Rock” this weekend – it is the reason that I passed eighth grade history, as I could recite the whole preamble to the Constitution. Thanks, now I have that tune in my head.
    I love reading your blog – thanks for the laughs!

  2. I love Sesame Street…we just upgraded to a DVR with our capable solely for recording Sesame Street.

    And yes, I remember Schoolhouse Rock…hmmm…I may have to find those on DVD.

  3. Oh yes–love the Rock! We also have a remake CD that is fun–versions of many songs by the Lemonheads, Biz Markie, and other 90s favorites. Recommended!

  4. I totally love The Street, but like the old-school version way better then what’s on now. Remember Mr. Hooper? And yes, that is how I learned Spanish, and how I made my Grandpa’s dentures fall out when I referred to the EXIT sign in a restaurant at three years old.

    Plus? I also still Bert’s Pigeon song. And the Ladybug Picnic song. And, oh, you get the idea. Sigh. Memories.

  5. We haven’t watched Sesame Street in years. We are in a Dora stage that’s been going on for well over a year. I’m starting to research Dora 12 step programs.

    But Schoolhouse Rock, well…rocks! “I’m just a bill. Yes, I’m only a bill. And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill.” LOVE IT! Now I’m going to be singing that all day. 😉

  6. Don’t be jealous — it was my dad’s ad agency who produced those when I wwas a kid. My brother and I used to get to visit him at work, and sit in their screening room (way before vcrs) and watch them before they came out on air. I love these not only for how wonderful they were but because they were an essential part of my childhood. Thanks for the memories!

  7. I remember having a really out of touch teacher who was STUNNED that we had all had “composed” a tune to the preamble of the constitution.
    Cuz in 5th grade we were REALLY that fly.
    Do anyone elses kids dance like lunatics when Elmo comes on?

  8. Dawson and I watched Sesame Street this morning. I admit, at 27 years old, I still get all nostalgic when I see Big Bird and Snuffy. Childhood memories came flooding back. Suddenly my happy, kid-friendly bubble burst as my hubby asked, “Do you think Bert and Ernie are gay?” I was speecheless and then I laughed because the thought NEVER crossed my mind.

  9. Three is a magic number.

    Best. Song. Ever.

  10. I learned about Schoolhouse Rock mostly through parodies on other shows, like Family Guy, and then having to ask Christina. I own a few DVDs of TV productions from this German puppet theater, mostly because I would want my kids to see it as well. I also like Fraggle Rock and watched the German version of Sesame Street. Oh, and this show as well. And Pipi Longstockings and that kinda stuff.

  11. Someone gave me the Schoolhouse Rock collection as a wedding gift. They’re awesome.

  12. I loooooove SchoolHouse Rock! COnjunction Junction, baby!

  13. Oh Man, I grew up with School House Rock! Now the Conjuction Junction tune is going to be in my head all day.

  14. Emily has the videos and the cd’s. She sings them now too. Sigh. I love to corrupt our children

  15. If it wasn’t for Multiplication Rock, I would be lost. I still sing my multiples of 3 from that song. :) Thanx for the memories!

  16. LOVE Schoolhouse Rock. We’ve got the 30th anniversary DVD with “every song ever created” and we watch it sometimes when the kiddo isn’t even around.

    Is there a SR song about cheese? Or was that some other after school special type song from that era? I get that one stuck in my head sometimes, “a hanker for a hunka, a slice, a slab, a chunka, a hanker for a hunka cheese!”

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