Randomness Part 47

There is a new blog out there that you all should see. It is called Motherless and it is written by some very talented writers with some very painful things to say. I feel almost guilty talking about this since I have such a wonderful mother who is very involved in my life. Go read what Jenn says about this site on BlogHer because I could never say it as well.

My friend Lori sent me this link about a dentist that gave his cat the Flavor Flav look.

Gabe sent me this video of the worst cover song ever. If you can get through more than 30 seconds of this video you outlasted me.

My favorite quote this week was written by Metro Dad in his post “Tales of Extramarital Blogging.”

Personally, I’ve always thought that a great marriage is like a duck. On the surface, it looks cool and effortless, but underneath, everybody’s paddling like hell.

Agreed. A lot of hard work goes into a good marriage, but it is 100% worth all of the effort.

One more thing – IzzyMom started a new blog too. It is called Props and Pans. Izzy writes product reviews that are both funny and informative.

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  1. Oh my God, was that worst cover song staged? Does anybody really sing that terribly? I didn’t even make 30 seconds. Too funny (and too painful).

  2. I made it until the lead singer started “singing.”

  3. I made it all the way through. Easy as pie. Maybe it’s because when I sing, I sound very much like that guy. I also dig their all-black stage outfits. It’s that kind of attention to details that makes a band great.

  4. Thanks for the linky love, sistah!

  5. What is that, a kid’s toy keyboard? And wow, glad I got to where the guy started to sing.

  6. Oh, and I think that video totally pays me back for the ads I posted a few weeks back. Plus interest.

  7. I have been thinking and rethinking that MD quote, too… but I really my marriage is not so Metro.. our marriage is like a hedgehog rather tan a duck… Everyone *thinks* they’d like one but they are sooooo annoyingly introverted in a really extroverted way!

  8. I am so submitting my story to motherless. thanks for finding that site for me.

    PS I saw snakes on a plane. just kill me now…

  9. Frank Sucks says:

    58 seconds. I’m quite proud of myself.

  10. I made it to the end. And I might have peed a little from laughing so hard. You know, you get shot in some parts of the world for sucking that bad.

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