My Daughter, The Temptation

Claudia learned a new trick yesterday. She has been doing it all day. I can’t find it anywhere on the milestone charts.

She learned the hand roll dance move.

Now I guess we just have to teach her to do the rest of “The Hustle”.

Do the Hustle

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  1. Great. Now I have The Hustle in my head.

    Doo doo doot doo doo do doo doo doot. . .

  2. The Hustle is a great dance. So is the Harlem Shuffle.

  3. Groovy baaaby 😀

  4. If we’re doing any Shuffle I do believe it should only be the SUPERBOWL shuffle.

  5. those pictures are effing priceless. where on *earth* did you find them?

  6. That’s the kind of thing that SHOULD be on those charts!

  7. I’m with Lumpyheadsmom, I had ‘The Hustle’ in my head… until I scrolled down and saw Gidge mention the ‘Superbowl Shuffle’… now I have that song in my head…

    Alright, now I have to gouge my ears with a Q-Tip…

  8. Quick. Teach her the finger point.

  9. Beautiful… the kid is a genius

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