It is EXACTLY what it looks like.

Ian riding a barbie Vespa

It is Ian riding a Barbie Vespa – with helmet.

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  1. At least he’s being safe! So so adorably funny. Thanks for giving me a smile here at work.

  2. My advice… hide this picture from Gabe.

    And how is it that Barbie has a freakin’ Vespa and I don’t??

  3. Ian rocks. It’s never to early to start practicing safe riding skills.

  4. I don’t know what confused me more…the fact that he feels he needs the helmet for the small vespa or that barbie has a vespa.

  5. see mom, all those safety lectures.. he WAS listening even if one finger was 2 knuckles deep and the other was fishing around in his pants

  6. Bonus points for safety!

  7. Does Ian also remind you to put sunscreen on him before he goes out to play?

  8. That has to be the cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I’m glad he’s wearing the helmet.

  9. Holy crap that’s cute!

  10. That is fabulous.

    Make sure he’s not speeding, though.

  11. Too cute for words!!

  12. How come Barbie’s Vespa isn’t pink?
    Although, in Ian’s case, the blue is very manly!

  13. When it starts to vibrate , you need to worry a little

  14. I think the helmet is not so much a statement of safety as it is Ian’s continued display of fashion sense.

  15. This is such a cute picture! He’s definitely a safety- conscious child!

  16. love that: safety first. a few years ago i got to call my neighbor and say, of her 3 year old son (who snuck out without her realizing it): well the good news is, he’s wearing a helmet… bad news is he’s buck naked.

  17. LOL. Fabulous!! That’s a great picture. And he has one hell of a name. :)

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