Son of a Bitch

All the Holy Wars can stop now. Clearly, there is no God. How do I know? Here is the story.

I knew when I moved to Virginia that I probably wouldn’t be able to go to any Bucs games this year. I knew that the Tampa Bay games wouldn’t be on tv every Sunday. No problem. I’ve got the NFL Sunday Ticket. I knew it would be more difficult to buy Buccaneers gear here. Okay, not a big deal, I go to Tampa a couple of times a year to visit. I can buy stuff then.

I forgot that you can only get preseason games on local television. Fortunately, the NFL Network re-runs every single preseason game. I have TiVoed the Bucs games and watched them both so far, but I was still excited when I saw that the Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville game was going to be nationally televised.

So it is 7:55 and I am sitting here with my jersey on and a beer in my hand when I realize that CBS is showing me the Redskins/Patriots pre-game show.

What the hell?

Well, maybe local CBS is showing the Washington game, but surely I can find the game on ESPN or maybe somewhere else. I mean, I have 300 channels at least.

ESPN is showing little league baseball. That isn’t even the worst part. NFL network is showing (wait for it) “Chargers Cheerleaders: Making the Squad”.

Chargers Cheerleaders Making the Squad

Like I said. There is no God.

Now I’m sitting here (all alone, The Squad is asleep and Gabe went camping) watching Mark Brunell embarrass himself. I normally don’t root against The Redskins (unless they play the Bucs), but I am willing to make an exception today. Grrrrrrrr. At least the kids are sleeping. Maybe there is a God.

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  1. Maybe “Making the Squad” is God’s revenge for the power-tools ad.

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