Randomness Part 48

You guys aren’t going to believe this, but Tammie made pictures of the human reproductive system using candy. I’m serious. Go look.

Last week I got a hit when somebody typed in this question “Does Tori Amos like Helmet?” Um. I don’t know.

Karl has inspired me. Send me a picture of yourself (or your kid, or your animal or just a picture of your computer) reading my site and I’ll post it to my Blog Appreciation set on flickr.

Deadwood with a laugh track. It really changes the feel of the show.

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  1. I’ll see if I can snap The Kid at the computer AND singing Back in Black. Interesting assignment, no?

  2. That laugh track disturbs me. I could barely watch last night. I had to keep getting up and leaving the room every time I thought that girl was going to be killed.

  3. The candy reproductive organs are hilarious…and creative. And maybe a little odd? Heh.

  4. that deadwood thing is LOL funny.

  5. Love the blog appreciation idea. Dang, that would make a great contest too. I may copy you on that.

    It certainly would be easier than coming up with my top 100 CDs!

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