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Gender Biases

Disclaimer: Yes, I know we’re all supposed to be boycotting McDonalds because of Hummers and gas prices and the war, but honestly, as long as they keep making delicious french fries and are located conveniently on the way home from my playgroup that hets out at about 12:15, I just can’t help myself. Plus, the […]

Gabe’s “Business” Retreat

I just got off the phone with Gabe. He is on a “business” retreat. For work. Why is “business” in quotes, you ask? This was the beginning of our phone call: Gabe: How’s it going? (loud noise in the background) Me: Did somebody just yell San Dimas High School football rules? Gabe: Yes. Yes, they […]


Is there anybody in your life that you feel like you were just supposed to know? Here is an example. I have a friend named Ritch. I’ve known him for about 15 years now. We met at our college orientation. (Wow. If you didn’t already know how old I was, I bet you could do […]

One More For Karen

This is for Karen’s Love Thursday. I love this picture. This is how it is. This is what we do. This will always remind me of what it was like when they were two.

Randomness Part 52

I just had my favorite spam comment so far. It was a link to zoosex. I didn’t click it, but I have to admit – I thought about for a minute. (By the way, I’m up to over 1600 spam comments since June. Akismet has caught 98% of them.) MÖTLEY CRÜISE! (It’s not a joke. […]

Why I Am Tired Today (or what not to do)

Starbucks sounds like a good place to have your book club if only four people are showing up, but if one of them is me and she is too stupid to order something decaffeinated it can end with someone being awake until 1:00 in the morning.

Hey Everybody!

So, I’m at my book club (Shut up. Like you’re cool.) and my cell phone rings. It is The Queen of Spain. (This one, not this one) I say “Hello?” She says “Tell me you love me.” I say “I love you. Why?” Erin and I just won iPod Nanos on Blingo. I asked her, […]

First Day of School – Take 2

If you read my blog regularly, you already know that The Goon Squad missed their first day of preschool last week due to barfing. We’re all healthy now, so today became their first day of school. We were all (me, Gabe, all four Grandparents, friends, neighbors, the teachers, the other moms in the class) worried […]


Banned Books Week

Hey Everybody! Don’t forget that it is Banned Books Week. Okay, maybe I just learned this today from the internet, but I keep running across sites that link to it and the more lists I see, the more I realize that most of my favorite novels are on this list. I mean – look at […]

The “Bush”-Whacked Administration is Celebrating

It’s been one whole year for Kemp and Scott over at The “Bush”-Whacked Administration. Go tell them happy birthday/happpy blogiversary (I don’t know, how would YOU spell it?) and check out their guest posts today, including my incoherent rant on same sex marriages. In the meantime I’ll be over here trying to figure out if […]

Randomness Part 51

I heard a great quote from the late Ann Richards this week: “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” The Kaiser sent me a link to the greatest sports/snark/humor blog*. Check out Kissing Suzy Kolber. Speaking of The Royal Family, I got an e-mail from The […]