Nobody Told Me

Wow. do any of the rest of you have kids in a co-op preschool?

Last Saturday we were supposed to go to the school for a work day. Last Wednesday we had a “meet your teacher” morning on the playground. Yesterday I had a class playgroup in the morning and a co-op training and school tour at night. Tonight we have a family picnic at the school and tomorrow The Squad’s teacher is coming over for a home visit. This Saturday Gabe is going to the school to help put a new cover on the sandbox to work off some of our maintenance hours.

Next Monday we have “back to school night”. Before then I have to hurry up and get a physical and a T.B. test. Tuesday school starts and I have to go that day, and I might also have a training on Wednesday.

A normal parent co-ops in the classroom about once every five weeks. I have twins, so I’ll be co-opping about once every other week. On the days I co-op I am in charge of bringing a snack (no nuts of any kind, it can’t be anything that anyone in the classroom is allergic to, they frown on sugar, and there should be both a fruit of some sort and a protein), coming in early, staying last to clean up and supervising my kids while I am preparing/cleaning/playground monitoring/feeding/taking kids to the bathroom etc.

Did I mention every family is scheduled for “Sub” days in case a teacher or a teacher’s aide gets sick?

My kids will be at the preschool six hours a week. Three hours, two days a week.

And to think that I thought I would be getting a break when they went to school.

Goon Squad

Gabe pointed out last night that it was a good thing we were doing this for socialization purposes and not so much so that I would have time to work or anything. I guess if Claudia can learn to share and Ian can learn to calm a little bit (did I tell you guys he threw a HAMMER at Lumpyhead the last time he came over?) it will all be worth it. Plus, maybe I will get an extra shower a week out of this.

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  1. Sarah — You ought to give big guy a call. Little guy is in a cooperative preschool. Big guy loved being in the classroom so much that he’s teaching the one-year-olds one day a week this year. Big guy loves being able to get a glimpse into little guy’s preschool world and to meet and know the other kids and their parents.

  2. Wow. That picture is pretty big.

  3. Okay, first, it was a plastic hammer, and second, he missed. It was really in the general direction of Lumpyhead, not exactly at Lumpyhead.

    Aunt Bob and Pete love their cooperative preschool, but it is certainly a lot of work. In addition to the snack and co-oping responsibilities, there are also fundraisers and birthday parties and oh my god I have a headache just thinking about it.

  4. Okay, that’s a lot of commitment for something that you expected to provide a break! Geez.

  5. Oh yeah. I forgot about my committee work. I think I also have to fundraise.

  6. Holy cow. It sounds like you’ll be lucky to get that one shower.

  7. Wow. That’s umm…a lot. I mean, we have a parents night and some little programs here and there…but mostly I drop him off at 9 and pick him up at noon.

  8. I’m exhausted just reading that!

  9. That picture is big. When do they blow shit up with their eyes?

  10. Are you PAYING for these benefits too? Monetarily?

  11. Are you kidding me? I had no idea any school could suck you in for that much work. I think you and Gabe will have tenure by the time the year is over.

  12. Geez, you’ve done more before school has even started than most people do all year!

  13. Eeek. I now know never to send Cordy to a co-op preschool. Do you have to pay for the preschool as well?

    I guess it just seems like a lot of work to do – more so than just taking care of your own kids. Who has time for all of that?

  14. Wait a minute, you have to pay to have your kids there and you still have to work there? That sucks.

    Love the picture. They are getting so big.

  15. Kudos to you! That is EXACTLY why my preschooler is NOT in a co-op preschool!

  16. holy frijole. good luck with all that. and here, i was just thinking tonight how i was getting a little miffed about the 5 fundraisers i’ve already been asked to participate in for my girls’ school and they’ve only been 3 days so far. oh. and. getting to be at school to see your kids and how different they act from when they’re at home? that’s pretty cool.

  17. Wow, I am in awe of your energy.

  18. Yeah, good luck with that. A friend of mine was recommending a co-op school as a possibility when I have kids (a long, long time from now), but I don’t know if I could do that. I do know that you will have a lot of neat experiences (especially in learning to beg for money). You’ll also have great stories to tell.

  19. Ok…so suddenly that horrendous amount I pay for daycare doesn’t seem so bad.

  20. There is one positive about Ian knowing what Ian can do with a hammer, You can ask the school for an “opt out” on that particular popular folk song.

    Hey, if your school wants me to come speak as a fundraiser, I do that kind of thing. Let me know…

  21. Seriously I hate other people and usually hate other PARENTS way too much for that much effing interaction.
    I can’t imagine the hell of dealing with the annoying as-hell moms who don’t allow sugar or TV and give me the eye because I spank some ass.
    I would be telling people to bite my ass day one, I’m certain.

  22. CRIKEY! I hope there are no crocodiles at that school………..

  23. Well, just reading that tired me out. Big pats on the back to you, ma’am.

  24. I have a friend whose daughter is getting ready to go to a cooperative preschool (maybe the same one?) She has been amazed at the cost difference between that and the “regular” preschool — her daughter used to go where mine does — but she did say she and her husband would end up making up for it in terms of time commitment to the school.

  25. Kind of surprised they would give you double-duty for having twins. You probably deserve more of a break than most of the other parents. Eesh.

  26. Maybe there is something to this homeschooling.

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