Like Mother Like Daughter (sigh)

Yesterday, we were leaving on of our many pre preschool events. I’m thinking that we left a little bit later than we should have because both kids were in foul moods.

I was holding Ian (who was just recovering from a meltdown because we went by his new love the drinking fountain without stopping to get some water) and Claudia was refusing to hold Gabe’s hand.

“No. Mommy do it.” she said.

Fine. So I pass Ian over to Gabe and I offer Claudia my hand. She shakes her head.

“No. I want up.”

Very sneaky. She tricked me into passing off her brother so that I would carry her to the car. Although, at this point I am used to this sort of manipulation from the girl. Then she smirks and says:

“That’s right. You carry me across the parking lot.”

Claudia doesn’t even read my blog. She knows nothing of taglines (or in my case the disappearing tagline).

This must be that payback my Mom was talking about.
Claudia Lollipop

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  1. Hey, doesn’t she know she shouldn’t GIVE candy to strangers?

  2. T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

    She can come hang out here. Hala just said “NO! I wear DRESS. NO pant!”

  3. I knew it… it’s always the mother’s fault.

    My MIL always says that The PB & The J are payback for the way HoMu acted as a child…

    Never are the father’s to blame… it’s always the mother.

  4. that’s right. that’s hilarious!

  5. When she starts muttering, “Son of a. . .” we’re in big trouble.

  6. I love it. It is nice to know that my kids are not the only one to use the “mommy do it” approach. Kat refuses to walk whenever possible and tries to finagle me into carrying her.

  7. Payback sucks. :)

  8. Damn, that sounds like Morgan. How do the girls learn that so fast? We’ve been together for almost a full week now, and I can count the number of times that daddy has carried her around on one hand.

    And, now, if we say anything remotely that we shouldn’t say – we get a “Mommy, DON’T say that!” order. And, she was backseat driving yesterday “Daddy, turn right”.

    My husband laughs and says that it took twins for a payback for my childhood.

  9. Perfect example why I am still childless. My mother made the same threats to me and I’m pretty sure that she’s right and I’m in for it.

    I KNOW you’re in trouble. I’ve known you way to long to believe anything else.

    Don’t mind me while I point and laugh!

  10. I guess her next line will be either “now buy me a pony” or “say my name, bitch!”

  11. I can’t tell if the expression on her face is agonizingly adorable or evil. hehe

  12. So THAT’S why they call it child psychology. Wow, she’s a clever one, isn’t she.

  13. Oh, boy. I can’t even think of the payback coming my way from my spirited daughter as retribution for my childhood.

  14. I’m not surprised that your kids are so clever.

  15. Me thinks she is a genius.

  16. Knowing Claudia you’re lucky she didn’t add “SUCKA” to the sentence.

  17. you know who like to hang out at water fountains…… crocodiles

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