9 Disturbing Searches From the Last Week

1) Why does my baby have pink pee?

2) i am drunk i am a christian i am depressed

3) can the bloodtest be wrong about mono?

4) red gatorade pregnancy

5) skinnydipping with dad

6) Tammy the tampon

7) then we diapered her ab

8) Mr. Taco salad inventor (Okay, it’s not really disturbing, but it’s funny.)

9) cat wearing bag


Following is a list I cut and pasted from my stats. It is the search followed by the number of times people have gotten to my site by using this term.

doodlebops without makeup 86
sarah goon squad 75
sarah and the goon squad 46
goon squad 33
doodlebops no makeup 31
the doodlebops without makeup 17
doodlebops without make-up 13
brad pitt without makeup 12
doodlebops without make up 11
triplet blogs 10
wonder pets ringtone 10
open season toys 10
sarah 9
naugty 9
brad pitt’s butt 8
moe doodles: i want be tall 8
doodlepops 7
the doodlebops 7
if sarah has six bananas and laura has twelve apples , how many vowels do they have between them? 7
god listens to slayer billboard 6
goonsquad 6
lazytown without makeup 6
doodlebops no make up 6
ucf shirts 6
boobs 6
brad pitt 5
goon diapers 5
lazy town without makeup 5
housekeeping trivia 5
doodlebops out of makeup 5
lazytown no makeup 4
goon 4
what the hell is wrong with tom cruise 4
simeon rice 4
brad pitt without make up 4
naugty america 4
sarah’s big butt 2

I don’t know what bothers me more. That 9 (actually, 13 if you count “naugty america” people got here by spelling “naughty” wrong, that way more people come here searching for The Doodlebops than they do my searching for me or that more than one person is searching “Sarah’s big Butt”.

(I told you guys I get a ton of traffic for The Doodlebops without makeup)

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  1. I’m disturbed by the fact that seven people came to you by typing in “if sarah has six bananas and laura has twelve apples, how many vowels do they have between them?”

    Seven people typed all of that? Exactly the same?

    And what do vowels have to do with fruit anyway?

  2. All I can figure is that it is a homework problem.

    Or trivia that people get paid to answer.

  3. Wow, I am speachless. I think the drunk, depressed christian is that way because they skinny dipped with their dad. That is just fucked up. What kind of readers do you have? Oh wait, I’m one of them.

  4. I swear I have NOT been sending people your way for the evil Doodlebops.

    I promise.

  5. I will absolutely admit that I’ve searched for pics of the Doodlebops without makeup. Never hit your site doing so, but hell ANYONE would now!

  6. I must confess, that prior to your blog, I was completely unfamiliar with the Doodlebops, not even knowing they existed.

  7. i wish i had known about goon diapers when zoe and lucy were still wearing diapers.

  8. Just even SEEING the Doodlebops makes me shiver. And not in a good way.

    These traffic experiments are hilarious.

  9. konstantin says:

    if sarah has six bananas and laura has twelve apples, how many vowels do they have between them?” —its a riddle from a quiz!
    see http://www.totallytricky.co.uk

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