Big Kid Beds

In order to avoid talking about the fiasco that tried to pass for The Bucs game yesterday, I am going to tell you about The Goon Squad’s newest milestone.

We’ve graduated to big kid beds.

That’s right. They are loose.

We were braced for a couple of really difficult nights, but it actually hasn’t been too bad. The first night I caught them both sitting on the edge of Ian’s bed reading books to each other. How can I get mad at them for that? So far the twins have only tried to actually leave their room a couple of times and it was mostly to come tell us that they were going to bed and “See ya.”

I don’t know where they picked that up.

Oh, and I also used this opportunity to finally get rid of the bottles. (Yes, I know they are almost two and a half and I was supposed to wean them off of bottles when they were one, but you are talking to someone who took her blanky to college and on her honeymoon so I clearly have attachment issues.) When Gabe was putting the big kid beds together I had The Squad throw their bottles in the garbage can. That was two days ago. Ian asked me for one about 10 minutes ago, and he cried when I told him that we threw them away and asked if he wanted milk in a Sponge Bob cup with a straw, but overall they are handling it pretty well.

Claudia has only fallen out of bed once so far. Ian – three and a half times. (Once somehow his feet were on the floor and most of the rest of him was still in bed.) Here is the part I find interesting: when they fall out of bed they don’t wake up. Granted, these beds are only about a foot off of the ground, but I’m thinking that if I was sleeping and I fell that far it would rouse me.

Okay, that is about as good as I can do before 6:30 am. I leave you with a few links to pictures that are somehow related to this post.
1) Claudia and Grandpa going to buy big kid beds.
2) Claudia’s Bedding
3) Ian’s Bedding
4) The worst part of this weekend.
5) The second worst part of this weekend.

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  1. Yeah? You want to talk about rough? I’m a Packer fan. So there. As for uncontained children, the thought really scares me so clearly we’re not there yet.

  2. We’re supposed to wean them off bottles when they’re one? Crap.

  3. The Bucs had a bad game? I’m sorry to hear that, at least your Fantasy Teams… oh, wait…

    Uh… The Rams won…

    And speaking of beds, when The PB & The J got into big-kid beds, we bought each of them a bed rail so they wouldn’t fall out. Though The J still managed to find a way to fall out around the rail.

    It must be a grandparent thing to buy the beds. The PB & The J’s Abuelo & Abuela (my Dad & Mom) bought them their first “real” bed also.

  4. Congrats on the big beds! And the bottle weaning. Good times.

  5. I watched the Bucs game (being in Orlando means we get it no matter what) and thought of you. I’m sorry. It was brutal.

    I’m jealous of you though. You live near IKEA goodness? Sigh.

    Congrats on the big kid beds and the bottle weaning.


  6. Excellent choice on the beds. We’re going for the Mammut look too — first with table and chairs, though. I’m not ready to even think about big kid beds. Although they’ll be there before I know it. Sounds like Claudia and Ian are doing really well with it, though. Congrats!

  7. They are by default my hometown team, so I feel your pain.

    As for the big beds, congratulations! Is that the average amount of time kids spend in a crib? I know nothing about this stuff.

  8. Our kids have IKEA beds too. And bedding. Although we went with the blue plaid and the white/cream and little rose buds.

    They are great…usually, but now that everyone is sick they’ve BOTH been back in my bed. Oh well.


  9. Love the bedding.

  10. Stupid Bucs…GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE…..

    GO big kids. Go big kids. GO!

  11. Robey didn’t move into his big kid bed until three months before his third birthday. He still falls out sometimes and never wakes. Each time he falls, you hear a thud and think he’s going to be bruised and battered, but he just picks himself up and crawls back into bed without batting an eye.

  12. Yay for the big beds. Also, I’m not sure if I’ll ever give up that nighttime bottle. It’s as much for my sanity as theirs.

    And by some miracle, the Saints won yesterday. Woo hoo.

  13. Hmmm…well, Nata still has a pacifier and she is two and I’ll tell you what, at this point she can take it to college with her if she wants too. Both mine have a blankie too.

    I love the beddings you got them. So dam cute. Good luck on them staying in bed. Did they climb out of the crib? If not, then maybe they won’t bother getting up too often.

  14. Big kid beds is a big deal. Congratulations!

  15. Congrats on the big beds, but I am so freaking jealous that I am having trouble spitting. Bean is having a horrible time trainsitioning to his big boy bed.

    Must tell me your secret and I am starting to look at the staple gun as a neat option.

  16. THat bedding is awesome! Congrats on the big beds.

    My three and a half year old is still using a damn pacifier, so I never criticize anyone about attachment issues anymore. SIGH.

  17. My daughter has Kathy Ireland’s Princess Bouquet bed from the time she was 5 til now shes 9 and she still loves it. I highly recommend her furniture.

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