Just So You Can See What I’m Up Against Here

Claudia bossing me

She is always trying to boss me around.

I’ve got to go to the grocery store now, so if you are bored go check out the newest place where they let me go on and on about The Bucs on the interweb.

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  1. yep. trouble.

  2. And I’m sure you weren’t like that as a child… right?

  3. All about the Bucs, huh? Wow – that must be a lonely and sad blog.

  4. HILARIOUS! I know the feeling.


  5. You know, she is really beautiful. And it’s not in that pinch your cheek little kid kind of way, it’s the kind where she could look exactly like that at 20 and be beautiful. Does that make sense? I mean, a lot of kids are cute, and then they grow up. She doesn’t look like she’s going to grow out of it.

  6. Um, yeah. I’ve seen that look. And that finger pointing at me (or being shaken at me). Several times a day.

  7. Now that’s attitude!

  8. Albeit CUTE trouble. :)

  9. But just look at the cuteness. How can you resist?

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