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I accepted the strangest challenge. I agreed to review Amy Güth. At first I thought I was going to review her book “Three Fallen Women”, but then her PR person told me it was just an interview with a the author.

After I told her I’d do this, I started thinking… Have I gone crazy? What the hell do I know about interviewing people? I did the Jenny Minton interview and then I interviewed The DC Sports Chick for BlogHer and now I think I am some sort of journalist? Now I’m trying to trick people’s PR people into sending me free stuff and I don’t even get a book out of it? What is my problem? Don’t I have enough to do with all my co-opping responsibilities? Apparently not.

So I start reading this bio:

Three Fallen Women bends the traditional uses of words and structure, and has been compared with the subversive prose and creative worldview of Tom Robbins and Chuck Palahniuk.

Okay. You have my attention. Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors, and while I’ve only read one novel by Tom Robbins, I’ve been meaning to go back and read more. I am a big fan of “dark humor” and I love discovering new authors and books that aren’t by Dan Brown. Plus, you guys like books and authors (don’t you?). So I came up with a couple of questions for Amy Guth who was actually amazingly nice to me and answered these goofy questions for me and even acted like she enjoyed it.

Amy Guth Head Shot

Sarah: Guth is supposed to be Güth. How do you type the umlaut over your “U” when you are in blogger? Is there some sort of code I can use?

Amy: I haven’t figured out how to do it in blogger yet. I think i cut and
pasted it? One day, though, one day…

(note: I went back and copied and pasted it for the rest of this post after I got Amy’s answers.)

Sarah: I read this over on “All the Way from Oy to Vey“…

“8: Who inspired you to write?

Music did and still does. A certain song might catch me on just the
right day in just the right way and I’ll put it on repeat and go. I
wrote Three Fallen Women like that. One song, over and over for
months, then a second song again and again for six weeks or so, then
a third song for the polishing I did just before feeling good about
sharing it.”

What song was it?

Amy: I wrote the entire initial manuscript to “Last Good Day of the Year” by
Cousteau, just the bare bones, the skeleton. Then, I wrote the second
draft to “Alice” by Cocteau Twins, and the third draft was to “Chan Chan”
off of the Buena Vista Social Club Soundtrack. I have no idea why I picked
those songs, they were just the ones I ended us being able to write to.
nothing else worked at the time.

Sarah: I recently started reading you blog and I love the pictures with the
Einstein doll in them. Can you explain the significance of the Einstein

Amy: He’s smart and Jewish and a little outrageous? No, hmm. There really isn’t
too much significance. I just needed a book tour mascot and I had a few
options: a donkey toy from New Mexico, a Cat Lady action figure, an
Einstein action figure, a feng shui cat statue.. well, Einstein won. I
asked some friends and most of them seemed to think he was the most
suitable companion for my travels.

Einstein at the Museum

Sarah: Your blog header describes you as:

“… a writer, a music lover, an avid reader, a sporter of many haircolors, a cat lady, a vegetarian, an anal-retentive, a nerd, an activist, a Simpsons addict, a corpse-fucker (just making sure you’re paying attention), a marathon runner, a Jew, a t-shirt collector, an insomniac, a feminist and a collector of her own tattoos.”

I assume you aren’t really a corpse-fucker, but do you really run

Amy: Yes! I am trying to figure out my next one. A friend of mine is trying to
encourage me to run Anchorage with her, which I might do, because, hey,
it’s Alaska. Why not? Ultimately, I want to run the Great Wall of China
marathon, but, c’mon! That means 26.2 mile of stone steps! I have to think
about that one carefully. I really damaged my left knee in a car accident
a few years ago. I try to pace myself.

Sarah: What blogs do you read every day?

Amy: Rational Leftist, Sparktacular,
Accidentally Jewish, JewishyIrishy, Like Pollution, Skirmish of Wit…
hmm, I’m forgetting some, I know it.

Sarah: What is your favorite sports team? (This has no bearing on anything.
I’m just curious.)

Amy: I like hockey a lot– The Rangers, there, usually. Baseball is super. The
Cubs, poor guys, I can’t stop loving them. I can usually be counted on for
underdog support. Sorry. I never got into football.

Sarah: Tell my readers why if they like my site they would like your book.

Amy: You know, a friend of mine went to your blog and said it’s the blog I
would write if I was a mother of twins. And into football. When pressed,
she said there was something about your willingness to laugh at the
stressful that reminded her of me. But, I think it’s because you have a
smart, funny blog and I aim for readers and characters of the same ilk? Oh,
and because we have the same philosophy about linking to Myspace blogs.


I’d be lying to you guys if I tried to act aloof and pretend I didn’t want to read her novel after doing this interview, but I tried to order it on Amazon and they didn’t have it. I’m still sort of hoping to get a free book out of this deal (hint, hint). But if you want more information on where to get Amy’s book you can go to her website, Guth-a-Go-Go. If you just want to check out her blog you can find her at Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again.

Three Fallen Women Cover

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  1. sarah! i am so proud of you. this is amazing. you are a freelance journalist. what is going on? you rock! love it.

  2. I am hooked. You get to do all sorts of cool stuff!

  3. Chase Peeler says:

    offtopic a bit, but you did mention sports

    Go Falcons!! :-)

  4. That is really cool! You’re very good at this interview stuff- I can vouch for it 😉
    Way to go!

  5. Two words: little people. Think of us fondly while you order around your servants.

  6. Great interview Sarah! I think you might be on to something. I can’t wait to read your next interview.

  7. You’re good at this. I’m spending my week interviewing execs and industry analysts. Wish you could help!

  8. It’s available on on October 2nd. In the meantime, you can score a copy way cheap from the publisher at As for your library, Sarah… I’m sure I can get one to you. Thanks for a fun interview and please keep in touch.

  9. Wow, I am crazy-flattered that I was mentioned as a daily read.
    Great interview, Sarah. I hope you continue to hone your interviwing talents. :)

  10. Thanks for a fun interview!

  11. I know Amy and love reading these interviews about her! Thank you for sharing your blog space with her today! I can say that the book is a fast, furious, amazing read with wonderful images and intense storytelling.

    Emotionally challenging, but really amazing!

  12. Your Mother says:

    Hot damn Sarah! Now here’s a career option for you that intrigues me much more than sports writing! Can I read the book when you’re done with it?

  13. Excellent work, Sarah!

  14. Sarah, excellent interview. I like the blog. It takes a strong woman to post 5 minutes after someone threw up in their hand.

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