The Power of Nemo Compels You

I know it isn’t stellar parenting, but when I put on this DVD I can actually get stuff done around here.


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  1. Two things hit me with this picture…

    1 – We’ve all done it. Movie + Kids = Get stuff done time.

    2 – “They’re heeeeeeeerrrrreeeeeee…..” (though I doubt I will be the only one to see/say that in these comments.

  2. Ahhhh…Nemo. Is it bad that my daughter is watching it right now so that I can read the blogs in peace? How’s that for irony?

  3. Little guy has actually started telling a little story about our fish tank:

    “And then goldy will pick up a rock and put it in the filter. And then all the fish will go live in the ocean.”

    I think they’ll have to hop in their bags a long time. Did I mention they are freshwater fish?

  4. Robey watched Nemo three times this weekend.

  5. first time my goddaughters watched Nemo, every time nemo wasn’t on the screen they would ask…Where nemo? That is the point of the movie!

    I don’t think it is bad parenting at all! Nemo is a good movie! as long as it isn’t on a 24/7 loop!


  6. Funny…the exact opposite happens when I put that movie in. I can’t get ANYTHING done! (I freaking love that movie!!)


  7. Just keep watching, just keep watching, watching watching. . .

  8. At one point a year ago I literally watched that movie 3X a week. I FREAKING LOVE THAT MOVIE! (and sometimes I still tear up a little bit) He’s the best dad in the sea, afterall!

  9. LOL Lumpy’s Mom. Peanut will watch Spongebob until her eyes give out. Monkey Boy alternates between the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Ewok Adventure movies. I can usually get laundry done and little nap if they are laying with me watching it. Nemo was their choice when they were sick for a week. I think we saw it 4 times a day. :::shiver:::

  10. Hey, you do what ya gotta do.

  11. I love Nemo and so does Petunia. But I’ve never let her see the opening sequence with the barracuda. Of course, this is a kid who cries like crazy when Tigger and Rabbit chase Lumpy (um, the Heffalump, not the kid) away towards the end of The Heffalump Movie. I don’t think she could handle the death of Marlin’s wife and all those little fish eggs.

  12. Es-cop-ay

  13. OMG! This movie is like baby(and adult) crack! . . . .”Go into the light. . . .ALLL are Wellllcome…. . . . ”

    We totally skip the opening scene, too. Too much for Mommy, let alone the kiddos!

  14. My cousin’s toddler is obsessed with this film and one of his first long sentences was “Fish are friends not food.” He know brings a small “Bruce” to church and attacks people while we pray.

  15. Did she just say “attacks people while we pray?”

  16. Ahh, at least it’s a GOOD movie!! We watch Baby Einstein and the “Barbie” series here.


  17. 3 steps to good parenting by

    1. Buckle kids in car seats.

    2. start engine and dvd player with Baby Einstein(Toyota Sienna Baby)

    3. Put in drive and kids are happy and wife is happier. Thus daddy is happy.

    Sarah, you are a good parent in my book.

  18. She did SAY “attacks people while we pray”.
    I think this approach has worked throughout the ages and should continue to be embraced.

  19. Teletubbies, here.


  20. Yeah, Nemo is my savior as well. I guess it could be worse.

  21. I only WISH mine would stay still that long.. Maybe someday.

  22. If I didn’t have Finding Nemo or my Baby Einsteins, we’d have no clean laundry and no clean dishes. And our dogs would be missing.

  23. Ours is the Increadables.

    My theory is don’t mess with silence.

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