First Day of School. Or Not.

Today is The Goon Squad’s first day of school, except they aren’t going. Ian is sick.

Who misses the first day of school? I feel like such a dork. I was really looking forward to going to the grocery store by myself too.

But Ian is coughing and snotty – oh yeah, and he puked up an entire breakfast bar this morning before his sister even woke up. I don’t think the other parents would appreciate it if I sent Ian to class (can you even call it a classroom when it has a rice table in it?) all barfy and got all of their kids sick on the very first day.

Crap. I even spent AN HOUR at the pediatrician’s office yesterday waiting for them to fill out the proper forms. (Yes, they were due last Monday, but I am not very good at reading directions.) I really hope that isn’t where Ian got sick.

I shouldn’t even say this out loud, but Claudia seems fine. So far. I just can’t take her to school alone for her first time. You other twin parents understand, right?

In conclusion, instead of going to a book store all by myself this morning I will be cleaning up vomit and pretending I don’t have a sore throat.

I guess they will go to school tomorrow, or maybe next Tuesday. I guess on the bright side, I might not have to go get my scheduled tetanus shot tomorrow.

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  1. What’s a book store when you have toddler barf?

  2. Blame it on the pediatrician’s office. That’s where mine get sick all the time.

  3. Wow. That sucks. Sorry.

  4. That really stinks.

    While I probably wouldn’t send one on the first day of school without the other – I have sent one without the other on subsequent days of school. One is SO much easier than two (especially if one is pukey).

    And, seriously, you just jinxed yourself with that “Claudia is fine” comment.

  5. I got my period all over my snazzy baby blue pants my first day of Sophomore year and had to go home “sick”. Lovely.

    As a fellow twin Mom, I totally understand keeping Claudia home too. My boys are never apart either. If one is home sick from daycare. the other is too. I even kept J with me when E had to spend the night in the hospital when they were 10 days old. And yet I hate when people treat them like a matched set. me and my double standard!

  6. Ian is just faking it. He just doesn’t want to go to school today!!

  7. That’s OK, they only hand out the syllabus on the first day anyway. Oh, wait, maybe not in preschool. But I doubt that they’ll miss too much anyway.

    And I’m with you. I wouldn’t send one without the other — especially on the first day.

  8. As a nonTwin parent…I don’t get it. But I guess odds are pretty good she’ll have it tomorrow, right?

  9. That totally blows (pun was intended)

    For what it’s worth; I would have kept Claudia home as well.

    And I agree with Stacy; you’ve jinxed yourself. I foresee a post within the next day or two saying Claudia is sick… but hopefully not.

  10. I’m not a twin parent, but I understand. I also don’t think I would want to have to pack Ian up to drop Claudia off at school, he might puke in the car.

    Also, what’s wrong with a rice table? I have a sand table in my class (not that I’ve used it yet).

  11. Now that my twins are in first grade, one will go to school when the other is sick. But on the very first day of preschool. No way. I’m with you. They’ve been together their whole lives and the first day of preschool is a huge big deal. It is not the time to start throwing in some separation. I hope Ian gets better soon and Claudia stays healthy.

  12. Fess up, Ian had too many brewskies watching Monday Night Football and you didn’t want to send him to school hung over. Looks like Claudia can hold her liquor better.

  13. Awwww! I feel bad for Ian but worse for you. May everyone soon be well enough for you to get to the bookstore ALONE!

  14. When my girls were in pre-school and kindergarten I would often keep both of them home if one was sick.

    I mean, if only one was home, who would play Candy Land with her? Me? Sheesh…

  15. Sarah, I missed my first day of high school b/c I was in the hospital with a concussion. Count your blessings! 😉 I think they will be okay missing the first day of preschool–I’m sure the other parents would appreciate Ian not bringing the bug to school.

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