A Barfing Bifecta

Well, it wasn’t in my hand but Claudia just told me:

“I frew up on the couch!”

and then

“What is it? Is it waisins? It was in my mouf.”

Yes. Yes. It was raisins.

Does anyone have a coupon for steam cleaning?


(Stay tuned for the trifecta post. I don’t feel so swell.)

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  1. Okay, one sick kid sucks. Two sick kids suck rocks. Two tummy sick kids sucks lava rocks. Two tummy sick kids on the first day of school…that’s just rotten. Sorry and hope all recover soon without mommy down for the count as well.

    And…your flickr flacking over the post is giving me seizures. I should sue. (Extra points if you get the really very obscure reference — hint, it’s a cancelled TV show that had a supermodel in it.)

    First paragraph: All sincerity.

    Second paragraph: Just joking, hoping to make you smile and think about something else besides two tummy sick kids for a second.

  2. If you were still in Tampa, I would totally bring over my steam cleaner which has attachments for cleaning furniture.
    I’m sorry – and I seriously hope this goes away quickly, before it gets you!!

  3. oh wow, I hope you guys feel better. hopefully you have tile or wood floors!


  4. you are screwed.

    om the upside, a good barf plague is always a nice way to drop a few pounds

  5. Oh no! Now Claudia too?! Yeah, this is bad.

  6. You should get Sid to teach Claudia and Ian how to barf quitely on the coffee table.

    It was Sid who did that, right?

  7. That is EXACTLY why we purchased leather furniture. One too many barfs on the couch. Now it’s just wipe up and get back to more barfing.

  8. This is why us parents of twins deserve medals. I always laugh when people complain about how hard it is to raise one kid. I would think I am on vacation and my wife would think she is in heaven.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Ewwww, I hope you don’t get it. Lysol everything.

  10. Man ALIVE! Feel better!

  11. good times.

    hope you don’t get it. (and good luck with that.)

  12. You have my deepest sympathies.

  13. You only has my sympathies if you run through ALL BEDDING AND TOWELS IN YOUR HOUSE like I did last year after we picked up the Rotovirus at Chuck E Cheese.
    And you have to add one more barfing child to your play list.

    I’m kidding.
    You has my sympathies.

  14. Sorry about the sick kids. Gross is right. I am really hoping this doesn’t turn into the barfing trifecta. Good luck cleaning the furniture (shuddering).

  15. Oh god. Waisins. Only thing worse is bluebewwies. I’ve seen those come up too.

    I hope you don’t get it too.

  16. Um, eww. I could barely handle the spit-up.

    This parenting thing is going to kill me, isn’t it?

  17. My boy/girl twins are 9 now (see? and I can still string sentences together. You’ll make it) and I just have to tell you that they always get sick together! Just like–did you notice?–they always had poopy diapers within about 5 min. of each other.

    But now mine can usually make the toilet.

    I’m not even gonna ask if you got it, cuz I already know the answer.

  18. We thought we’d lost an Ottoman in the last gastric distress; then we kept in on the deck for about 100 days and through a system of hosing down and superheating it was saved.

    you will likely have to wait til last fall.

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