You Guys Want to Hear Something Really Gross?

About five minutes ago Ian threw up in my hand.


I guess it is a good thing I kept him home for school again today. For his teacher anyway.


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  1. Good boy.

  2. ew.

    You can’t say he never gave you anything.

    Better your hand than in your hair.

  3. Amateur – Little Dub threw up in my hand yesterday – and then on my shirt and finally on my bare feet as I whisked him to the sink.

  4. Ewwww. We only had it in the car, in Grandpa’s car, in Little C’s bed, on the carpet, on my feet, on the table next to my feet, in her hair…all over her hair, on her clothes, and never in the strategically placed trashcans all over the house.

  5. About two years ago, Petunia had a wicked stomach bug and threw up all over my chest several times. That’s a smell that’s hard to get rid of.

    Hope Ian feels better soon.

  6. Noodle used to have marathon hurl fests on whatever I was wearing. One time Trey came back from a party and I had gone through all his t-shirts (I didn’t want to ruin mine).
    Good times. Good times.

  7. One time my brother threw up in my Mom’s shirt pocket.

  8. Projectile vomit, fun stuff.
    EW! Some things you never quite get used to.
    I won’t tell you the GROSS story my Mom told me, about where I puked once. It still makes my stomach flip.

  9. I have to say in the hand is better than on the rug, but still, not optimal.

  10. The same hand you are now typing with?

  11. This past Sunday, at the grocery store, for the first time ever I opened up a package of food before paying for it at the checkout counter. Hala was in MUST HAVE mode when she saw the bag of multicolored goldfish crackers I had in the cart. So I gave in, opened ’em up, and let her go to town. About 5 minutes later, with chipmunk cheeks full of crackers, she kind of looked at me like she was in trouble. I put my hand out under her mouth and sure enough she spits the entire contents into my hand. There I am in the middle of Ralph’s, trying to corral a 3 year old with a 1 year old in the cart and a handful of half chewed unpaid for goldfish in my hand and the nearest garbage can is on the other side of the store. My point of course being that this is the longest comment in the history of the internets.

  12. mayberry — that’s what i was going to say!

    and since we’re all sharing. once, when zoe and lucy were tiny (like 4 months or something), zoe threw up all over her crib in the middle of the night. bob took bed cleaning duty and i took baby cleaning duty (lucy took keep sleeping duty) which involved taking off all of zoe’s and my clothes and getting in the bath with her. just as we were almost done with the cleaning, she threw up again. all over both of us. naked. in the bathtub.

  13. I can play this one. . . .When I was about 5-6 mos preggo with my first, and still feeling extremely icky, I was moved to the infant nursery at the preschool I worked at to be able to take it easy, doctor’s orders. Anyway, I was rocking a baby who proceded to puke down my shirt and inside my bra. I did make it to the sink before I hurled, yea me!

    My own children, who both had reflux for a year, or more, and were experts at throwing up all over Mommy, never bothered me. I was never grossed out by the sight and smell of my own babies’ puke, but someone else’s baby? EWWWWW!

  14. When Gabriella was one she was ill. I was carrying her while not wearing a shirt with her facing me. She puked right on my chest so it pooled between us. She had peas for dinner. I remember those peas very clearly.

  15. If we ever meet, remind me not so shake your hand . . .

  16. Niiiiiiice.

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