This Post Would Not Have Been Possible Without My TiVo

Or – Speaking of TiVo (I had this post almost done before I even saw Belinda’s dare. So today will be a TiVo themed day here on Sarah and the Goon Squad.)

I’d like to take a couple of moments to talk about TV.

1) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip:

This was easily the best pilot I have seen in years. I am usually a big fan of Aaron Sorkin’s work and this did not disappoint me. Gabe pointed out that Josh and Chandler (Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry for those of you who like to use people’s actual names or Matt and Danny if you watched the show) had surprising chemistry. Bradley Whitford and Judd Hirsch are always good, but I was really impressed with Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet (who I just read might be pregnant in real life and that could possibly screw the writers into making her pregnant on the show).

2) Dancing With the Stars:

I told you guys last week that I wanted to watch this stupid show just so I could see Emmitt Smith dance. I did end up TiVOing it so that Gabe wouldn’t be forced to watch it. Sadly, he caught me recording it and made fun of me – A LOT. Anyway, I watched it this morning and now I have some questions. (in running commentary from:)

– Aren’t they using the word “stars” a little bit loosely? I mean, I know who Emmitt is, I know Jerry Springer, Harry Hamlin, Joey Lawrence and Vivica Fox, but who the hell are these other people?

– Was Harry Hamlin dancing to an Iggy Pop song about heroin performed by Neil Diamond?

– The mambo to Kris Kross? Seriously? I didn’t know Daddy Mac’s mom picked the music for “Dancing with the Stars”.

– How are my kids sleeping through this? They are in the room. Must be the Dimetapp.

– Why is Joey Lawrence dressed like a leprechaun?

Joey Quick Step Lawrence Leprechaun Dancing with Stars

Sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of Joey in the pilgrim hat, but trust me, he looked like someone was after his Lucky Charms.

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  1. I wholegheartedly agree with you on Studio 60. best new show of the season I’ve seen… though I haven’t seen many.

    I thought Whitford and Perry had excellent chemistry when Perry guested on WW in season four, and it showed in the pilot. (Supposedly, their characters are Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme)

    All the actors were good, though I’m not sure about Steven Weber. I can’t really buy him as the “heavy”. I think he could wind-up in Mandyville.

    And how about all the ex-Wingers? CJ’s squeeze Danny Concannon is the control room director, reporter Chris was one of the women sitting at Matt and Danny’s table. Felicity was in Sports Night (another kick-ass show)

    With all of Sorkin’s favorite actors in it, one has to ask how long until his buddy Josh Molina joins the show.

    As far as ‘Dancing…’ goes… I’ve been saying since the show premiered years back that their definition of ‘star’ was very, very loose…

    Sarah Evans counts Tom DeLay as one of her closest friends…

    That’s all. Could this comment be any longer??

  2. My bad… the be should be italicized… not ‘could’

  3. Yes, but will you watch again?

  4. Did you see the corpse of Julio Iglesias perform a cover of “I Wanna Know What Love Is” last night? That was exactly where I went blind and deaf, simultaneously.

  5. the corpse of Julio Iglesias perform a cover of β€œI Wanna Know What Love Is”

    eeeeewwwwwww… that’s wrong on so many levels…

  6. Hmmm…I saw it last night for the first time too. My sister in law made me. I know who Sara Evans is, she’s a big time country singer. But the rest…not so much. Oh Marioa Lopez from Saved by the bell. Slater, that was his name. No clue if he’s done a thing since then. I think one chick named Shanna is from some MTV reality crap show.

    My question is, why does the music have to suck so badly? Igelias really? That was the best singer they could find.

  7. Oh yeah…Studio 60…excellent. I’m really excited about some of the TV this season. I don’t have enough time (personally or on TIVO) to record and watch all I’d like to.

    I make sure I get Eureka and Studio 60 and I’ll be happy. Mostly. Someone could give me a trip to a spa for a week and I’d be even happier.

  8. Oh no!!!! You did not just dis DWTS. I love that show. I’m freakin’ happy Shanna Moakler got booted. She sucked.

    And you missed Mario Lopez’s latin-lover-booty-shakin’ in your commentary.

    If Gabe picked on you he’d definitely pick on me. I love the show because I’m a dancing queen myself. :)

  9. My husband gets all fidgety when dance comes on. WTF?

  10. What is this “Eureka” you guys keep talking about?

  11. i figured everyone would be blogging about studio 60 on tuesday. wasn’t it amazing! we mostly watch tv on dvd (we chose netflix over tivo) because we’re snobby and mainly watch hbo and showtime shows (anyone out there watching weeds? it’s great.) west wing was a notable exception (the writing was as good as any hbo show, and they managed that without saying “fuck” every two minutes!) and we’ve always had a soft spot for ER. also, the office, which is, in my opinion, every bit as good as the BBC version. but we loved sports night, and we lurved west wing. and now i’m excited to fall in love with studio 60. i was totally caught up in the drama by the end of the episode. yay!

  12. I’ll need to aks my wife… she most likely didn’t know Emmit Smith was a football player!

    P.s. that is THE coolest header I have seen.. I would tone down the nuclear mushroom a bit.. but it’s your header!

  13. I don’t have a TV (yeah, yeah, we know!) but I know everything about Dancing with the Stars thanks to my co-workers. Who spent an HOUR outside my cube talking about it today. AN HOUR. The show, minus commercials, isn’t even an hour long.

  14. woah. Joey Lawrence should be banned if he’s gonna try to burn the eyeballs of America with that kind of fashion choice.

  15. Loving Studio 60, although I’m having trouble finding Amanda Peet’s character believable. But the show will definitely fill the void left by West Wing.

    As for Harry Hamlin quickstepping to “Lust for Life” – OMG, what WAS that? And why? He looked absolutely crazed. I think their house band is fabulous though, considering some of the outragous stuff they are being asked to play/sing. Like the Kriss Kross thing.

  16. Aaron Sorkin is brilliant…and Studio 60 proved it. It was an excellent, excellent show!

  17. Really? I was disappointed with Studio 60 – but maybe because I had my hopes up too high. I agree that Perry and Whitford had a nice rata-tat-tat & I always like Hirsch – but Mrs. Davis is right about Peet. I don’t buy her in that role for a minute, and most of the other characters were too cliched. I’m not intrigued enough by any of them to really want to tune in again, but I’ll give it another shot. After all, I didn’t like the premiere of LOST, and now I’m a complete LOSThead.

  18. That Kris Kross cover they played made my butt water.

  19. Boy, I have Tivo and I’m apparently not using it to its full potential. Wet butts and dancing corpses? I’m spending too much time watching Handy Mandy.

  20. Yeah, I like to call it “Dancing with the B-List” or Dancing With the Has-beens”.

    Also, I’m with on the Studio 60. I’m looking forward to having something smart to watch this fall.

  21. Ditto on Studio 60. Loved it all. I love Bradley and I can only wish that Josh Molina suddenly becomes a producer.

    Steven Weber had a little too much work done around the eyes. He used to be the sexy brother from Wings, now he is kind of the guy from Wings who may or may not be Liza Minnellis’s next husband. Its not working for me anymore.

    Other business – our Tivo list
    The Daily Show
    Bridezillas (I know, shut up)
    American Made
    Ray (recorded months ago and havent watched yet)
    The last Steelers game
    Sesame Street
    Most of the last season of Entourage (not ready to delete yet)
    Godfather I and II (because I just like knowing its queued up and waiting)

  22. Joey Lawrence is on this season? Crap, I am missing some seriously important television. ::Leaves to reprogram TiVo::

  23. Can you take a picture of the TV so I can see the hat?

  24. The mambo to Kris Kross? Now that’s just weird!

  25. I tivo’d Studio 60 but haven’t watched it yet. I can’t wait to see my boy Josh (yes I refer to him by his character name too) in action. πŸ˜‰

  26. Okay. Now I like it. Last week I felt like they were trying too hard to be smart. Like they were pandering to my smartness. This week? It was just smart. And funny. And witty. And very insidery, which is really what made the West Wing so appealing.

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