The “Bush”-Whacked Administration is Celebrating

It’s been one whole year for Kemp and Scott over at The “Bush”-Whacked Administration. Go tell them happy birthday/happpy blogiversary (I don’t know, how would YOU spell it?) and check out their guest posts today, including my incoherent rant on same sex marriages.

In the meantime I’ll be over here trying to figure out if I am actually hearing the theme song to “Higglytown Heroes” in Español or if this is all just a very bad dream.

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  1. Yes, you heard Los Higgytown Heroes this morning. I’m guessing it’s all about Hispanic Heritage Month. Didn’t sound like They Might Be Giants though, they must not speak spanish.

    Thanks for the Blogroll. I’ve never been blogrolled before. I’m sure I would remember.

  2. Thanks for your rant on same sex marriages! Why can’t more people think as rationally as you? How is it possible that my marriage threatens your liberal friend? If anything, it has taken two more women off the market so now your friend doesn’t have to worry about us moving in on her husband! You’d think she’d be happy about that… :)

  3. Hubby and I thought the same thing when Jo-Jo’s Circus theme song was in Spanish this morning. What the hell? Did our son hit the SAP button again? I once watched a good bit of a Braves game in Spanish bc hubby was at work and I had no clue what was going on. Turned out the boy had hit that blasted button. BRAT!

  4. I wish I didn’t have a troll, then I could write about what I want to wrote about again. My troll has a long tirade about me that seems to never end on her blog.
    Innocence lost…
    But your rant about same sex marriage is awesome.

  5. I heard Jo Jo in Spanish this morning as well, I was like – what the hell? Am I on the wrong channel?

  6. Thanks for the shout-out Sarah… we appreciate it.

    We have another guest post, this one from QofS. I’m currently trying to post it but blogger seems to have it in for me tonight…

    Thanks again for the post (it was very coherent) and the shout-out, Scott & I appreciate it.

  7. Oh. I haven’t been yet. But I sincerely hope that you used the words “penises” and “fornication” in there somewhere.

    Please oh please oh please oh please.

  8. Nice post on TBWA. I love that you used a snake metaphor for your argument.

    And I’d spell it the same but with 2 p’s.

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