First Day of School – Take 2

If you read my blog regularly, you already know that The Goon Squad missed their first day of preschool last week due to barfing.

We’re all healthy now, so today became their first day of school. We were all (me, Gabe, all four Grandparents, friends, neighbors, the teachers, the other moms in the class) worried that Claudia might have some issues with separation anxiety. As it turns out, after her teacher handed her a paint brush she just said “Bye Mommy!” and waived.

Who knows. Maybe they were dying to get rid of me. Maybe they told their classmates “Thank God we are rid of that woman. She drives us crazy, singing the A B C’s all day long and pestering us about shapes and colors. Yelling all the time about not standing on the tables and what not. We are thrilled to have these (almost) three hours without her.”

Nobody was worried about Ian. He hugged me and ran off to the hand washing station. It was painting day, so there was a bucket of soapy water set up when we got there. Ian washed his hands eight or nine times before I even left.

Ian blowing bubbles

He also pooped before I left. So the teachers narrowly missed an Ian special. Yikes.

Gabe was in meetings all day, so right after I dropped them off I called my Mom. She asked me if I cried.

Hell no I didn’t cry. I would have had a party, but I didn’t quite have time. I did however have time to take a shower all by myself and have a cup of coffee in complete silence. It was lovely.

Then my plan was to go to the grocery store all alone, but alas, when I got to Giant it was gone. Gone. This is the second time in four months that I have gone to a grocery store only to find it completely empty. Whatever. So no grocery store.

I was actually starting to miss the kids anyway.

When I got there to pick them up (about 20 minutes early due to the lack food in empty space that used to be a Giant) their class was on the playground.

Ian saw me first and yelled “MOMMY!” and ran up and gave me a big a hug. Then Claudia (who is such a rock star that the teacher was pushing her on the swing) saw me and said “Mommy! You came back!” and ran over to me.

It was really sweet, and they were exhausted and hungry, and they didn’t even have all that much paint on themselves. I think they had a good day.

First Day of School Goon Squad

I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

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  1. I love that, Mommy you came back. How cute. Enjoy your three showers a week in peace.

  2. YAH!! I’m glad all went well. I would have assumed that Claudia would have been a disaster too. Huh! I’m also very glad you got some free time!

  3. Yay, I’m glad it went so well. Although I do find it odd that your grocery stores are disappearing.

  4. “Mommy, you came back!” As if there was ever any doubt. 😉

    Great post! And I love the picture at the end.

  5. Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom says:

    Fantastic. You go everyone!

    So, tell me more about the phantom grocery stores…I want those…

  6. It’s HEAVEN in three hours, isn’t it??

  7. Congrats on your babies first day of school! I love that they did well, and were happy that you came back (still laughing about Claudia’s comment). How does a grocery store just disappear, much less happen to you more than once? Have fun tomorrow.

  8. I think the grocery stores are hiding from you.

    Warning: our first week was great, and then they got clingy. Now it’s a “Noooooo, Mommy staaaayy” every day. I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

    (Oh yes, but to see the JOY on their face when you go to pick them up – that’s just about the best 30 seconds of the day).

  9. Wow. They’re all growed up!

  10. oh we must talk and discuss! gabriel loves school now and I am sick that we are moving and he is doing so well at this school. it is amazing to have time to yourself, isn’t it? i actually went and had breakfast this morning by myself. it was soooo nice!!!!

  11. don’t forget to log in tonight. Oh, And Kara is trying to comete with my troll …very funny stuff.

  12. Yay, Squad! And yay, Sarah!

  13. Great picture. Glad to hear they had such a great day!

  14. Finally, they get to go to school. And it sounds like they had a blast. Glad to hear everybody is feeling better.

  15. Beautiful picture… congrats on the 3 hours with this thing you call silence…

  16. ‘Ray Students. Aw didn’t cry at first day — thanks for the reminder of another motherly milestone to miss.

  17. It will be years before they realize how lucky they are getting to do all these firsts together.

  18. Oh shit! I totally forgot to put back the grocery store after I used it. Now I just need to remember where I put it. It’s gotta be in this house somewhere, I just saw it yesterday. I”m sure it is here somewhere. No one would have taken it. Maybe it’s in the car? I dunno. Give me a day or two, I’m sure it will turn up.

  19. awww, first day of preschool. I am glad they were happy, and isn’t that three hours heaven?

  20. Woo hoo. I’m glad they had fun. Aren’t the after school naps the best?

  21. Hi Sarah, Am I the only one weeping here ? they are growing soo fast. I am happy for you for the 3 hours of alone time !! Enjoy!!
    They did so well. Keep us updated with more stories.

  22. LOVE the picture of them with their backs to you. I’m seeing my future (hopefully–if one doesn’t kill the other before then).

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