Randomness Part 52

I just had my favorite spam comment so far. It was a link to zoosex. I didn’t click it, but I have to admit – I thought about for a minute. (By the way, I’m up to over 1600 spam comments since June. Akismet has caught 98% of them.)

MÖTLEY CRÜISE! (It’s not a joke. Thanks BIYF)

Motley Crue
I used to have this exact same poster up in my bedroom in high school.

I heard over on The Zero Boss that The F Bomb aired on “Family Guy”. Here is what supposedly ran. (Of course, then Jay made fun of me for watching football instead of “Family Guy” and then I had to threaten him and insult his manliness. Things get out of control quickly around here.)

Ewwwww! Screech naked. (Thanks, Gabe.)

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  1. Not to out you or anything, but wasn’t that poster on your ceiling?

    This may be a dumb question, but what is akismet?

  2. I don’t know what akismet is either. That poster is scary (I had David Byrne…I was tragically hip in a super geek kind of way). The premise of a bunch of almost middle aged people on a cruise with the motley ones sends me into peals of laughter.

  3. If only I was single, I’d be on that cruise…(and I’d probably STILL have that poster on my ceilin gove rmy bed like I did in H.S.)But I’m not, so I’ll just browse the site instead…

  4. akismet?? Say whaaaaa?

    I’ve got a lot to learn I see…..

  5. Screech naked.

    That is wrong on so many levels…

  6. any idea who got free Crue tickets for this Saturday???? It rhymes with ME!!!!! Jigga What!!!

  7. Akismet is “A plugin which identifies and blocks comment and trackback spam on blogs with
    integration to various blogging systems.”

  8. Did you know about this?


    How awful. I guess if you are going to get drunk and grope trashy women it’s for a good cause.

  9. Funny, I was thinking I wanted to pick up the only two good Crue albums on CD – Too Fast for Love, & Shout at the Devil.

    Something about having twins makes me want to recapture my youth :-)

  10. The Screech thing? Oy heard about that yesterday. So glad I can now say I know what a Dirty Rodriguez is (not to be confused with the other).

  11. With the exception of the Motley Cruise entry (unless they’re doing something on the boat I don’t want to know about), aren’t all these random things related to sex and animals?

    Zoosex? Check.

    The Family Guy clip? It’s the animals that are f’ing funny. Check.

    I’m hoping the tape is actually of Screech, the Nationals mascot. I actually find that less disgusting. In which case, check.

  12. Motley Cruise not about sex? It’s Vince Neil. What else could it be about?

  13. How funny! I thought they were all dead by now!

  14. Well I suppose if one is described as a “lovable putz” going on to become a porn star makes sense, given that “putz” means “penis” in Yiddish.

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