Is there anybody in your life that you feel like you were just supposed to know?

Here is an example. I have a friend named Ritch. I’ve known him for about 15 years now. We met at our college orientation. (Wow. If you didn’t already know how old I was, I bet you could do that math in about three seconds.) I didn’t know anyone else there and I started talking to him because he was wearing a Death Angel t-shirt. (Can we please just act like I started talking to him for some other less embarrassing reason?) We also ended up living in the same off-campus dorm together. It turned out later that we each only applied to three colleges and they were the exact same three. (USF, FSU and UCF) We both got accepted to all three schools, we both applied to USF as our fallback school (Take that Gabe and Lori, so what if your team beats us at football every year?) we both wanted to go to FSU and for unknown reasons changed our minds and decided to go to UCF instead. We had also been in several places at the same time before and just never met (mostly metal shows but since we lived in cities that were two hours apart, that is still fairly unusual). I have always felt like I was supposed to be friends with Ritch. Call it fate or destiny or whatever, I just perceive it that way.


There is also a blogger like that. You can call her MOWA or Stirrup Queen or you can call her by her real name (which I won’t here because she doesn’t use it on her blog) but I first encountered her online when my family decided to relocate to the D.C. area. I knew her husband from blogging and I contacted him about a twins club around here. He said his wife was involved in one and put me in contact with her. She helped me out with information and then I lost touch with them when they both stopped blogging for a while.

A couple of months later I was talking to a woman on a local listserv about trying to get my kids to drink milk out of sippy cups instead of bottles and it turned out to be her.

Small world, huh?

Then about a two weeks ago, I was checking out blogs that link here. I noticed one that was an infertility blog and that the authors had twins, so I added them to my Big Multiples Blogroll.

About 10 minutes later I get an e-mail that it is her again. MOWA! And she lives about 30 minutes away from me. I feel like some power is trying to get me together with this woman. I don’t know why yet, but I’m guessing if we don’t make a playdate soon I will just run into her at a mall. I’ll be talking to the woman with twins (Twin parents always talk to the other parents with twins) and it will just be her. I completely expect this to happen.

On the other hand, I’ve been trying to hook up with Kristen from A Tale of Two Kiddies.

We have made about four or five playdates so far that have ALL fallen through. One time my kids got sick, one time I didn’t realize that it was Labor Day weekend and I wouldn’t even be in town, once I forgot all about something we had to attend for preschool and yesterday her daughter got an ear infection.

To add to the strangeness, she is a very active member of one of the twins clubs that I tried to join when I moved here. (Remember that mess?)

Do you think that some higher power is trying to keep us apart? Do you think two of our kids will get married and our grandchild will be a super villain? Will we concoct some sort of bioengineered virus that will wipe out the Earth’s population (doubtful, I don’t have a laboratory or a good Chemistry or Biology background) will we accidentally unleash an evil imp from captivity or the darkling?

Do you have a theory on this? Do you guys have people in your life that you felt like you were supposed to know, or not know?

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  1. I am supposed to know and keep touch with Matt Wiley from high school. Remember him? I just found him again. And guess what, he had to leave fire rescue because he got hurt and they found a “mass” in his brain. HUH!!?? I’ll update you as I come across more info!

  2. I went through that with my husband. We were both friends with the same guy, who wanted us to meet, but every time we planned to meet, something happened. One time it was his car broke down (as in the timing belt broke, and everything possible on his car broke). Then, I got this nasty virus that had me hospitalized. Another time, a family member of mine passed away, so I had a funeral to go to. We joked that we were never meant to meet. So I gave up meeting him, developed a killer crush on his friend, and when the friend and I were to meet, Forrest came along (as did one of my friends). I could’ve cared less about his friend after seeing Forrest, and we totally were smitten with one another….
    Looking back, I’m glad we didn’t meet until we did because I had some stuff to go through before we met (I was in therapy and on medication for depression, so it wasn’t the best time for me). And by the time we met, I was doing wonderful, and had been off my medication for several months. So I guess I believe that sometimes we don’t meet people because we’re not meant to meet them just yet. But maybe one day you’ll meet… and it’ll be at the perfect time. :)

  3. ALL THE TIME. One example? Robey was 8 weeks old when we first moved to Illinois & I had no idea what I was going to do for daycare. I didn’t know the area or anybody there – but when we got there, Jeromy’s sponsor (it’s an Air Force thing, not an AA thing) was looking to do something part-time at home. We met & it was perfect. To this day, I KNOW without a doubt that Tiana was the person who was supposed to help me care for Robey for the first year and a half of his life.

  4. I messed that up. Tiana was Jeromy’s sponsor’s wife. The sponsor is the person in your squadron who is supposed to show you around and get you acquainted with the base, the area, the squadron, etc.

  5. I had a dream about snakes last night, and I think I may now have your phobia. I blame you.

  6. There is a wonderful lady and our lives have just never managed to merge, except for brief period in time when we connected and said, “we need to build a friendship!” because it was such a fabulous, positive connection. And ever since I wonder…

    Maybe those momentary connections are all it’s meant to be…

    Sometimes I think that the hope and possibility out there is such a nice thing to have, that maybe reality isn’t always all you imagine it will be.

  7. i totally feel like there are people you were just SUPPOSED to know, and that’s when you get that connection feeling with them. my theory is based on the fact that we’ve known them in past lives and recognize them subconsciously in this one… but you might think i’m crazy. lol

  8. I’m really hoping for the super-villain grandchild.

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