One Man Band

The girl is a musician already. Check this out.

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  1. When does her album come out and where can I get it?

  2. Isn’t it amazing the difference from two years ago??

  3. Alas I am on dial up and can never actually WATCH streaming vid.

  4. That is so going on my iPod.

  5. did she just say Sieg Heil at the end there?

  6. She is huge in Belgium.

  7. If you want to add to the musician part…..

    I bought the coolest refrigerator magnet by “Leap Frog”. You put the different letter & number magnets into the main magnet on your fridge. It sings songs about all the letters and their sounds. It also can sing the ABC’s along with your little one. Since purchasing it a week ago, Izzy has learned 75% of the letters and their sounds!

    What a cutey she is!

  8. Ohhhh soooo cute. I love the YAY and little dance at the end. Man there are some things about having a two year old that are so wonderful.

  9. That was so great, I was singing and dancing along (obviously a result of having a two year old). And you were always wondering if singing them the ABC’s at every diaper change was working! So impressive! I will show baby G, he will love it!

    p.s. she has a great voice like her mama!

  10. She is awsome !!! Must take after her mama !!

  11. I thought she said “your turn” at the end. When do we get your rendition?

    Love Ian as the backup vocalist. (I assume that’s Ian, right?)

  12. Wow, if I need a triangle player, I so know who I’m calling.

  13. She rocks! I like how she occasionally looks at the letters on the fridge for inspiration.

  14. Oh my god now there’s someone who understands the purpose of melody. Brava Baby Girl! Brava! Thats my girl.

  15. That is exactly what i needed to see. What a doll, clearly brilliant, like her mom.

  16. She is ROCKIN’ that tri-angle…You go girl

  17. I like how people keep saying nice things about me. I’m not even in the video.

    Not to say that I can’t rock the triangle…

  18. That is so cute. Zoe wanted to watch it again and again :)

  19. One word: Awesome.

  20. Soooo cute!

  21. Wher’s Ian with the bongos, not that she needs accompaniment

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