Randomness Part 53

Mark sent me this link that you will appreciate if you are an ex-Metallica fan like I am.

Seriously. Is there any comedian who is less funny than Carlos Mencia?

Here is another question. Why would somebody need a vase just because they are getting married? Vases are pretty, but does anyone actually put their flowers in crystal? I just can’t bring myself to put dirt in something made by Baccarat.

My friend Jeff sent me an e-mail. The subject was “Seen it all now…”. He wasn’t kidding.

Evil Dead Musical

I’m starting to think I’m going to need to start watching “Grey’s Anatomy” just so I will know what the hell all these other bloggers are talking about.

You guys don’t understand. This Blingo thing rules! Seriously look at this:

You have won 5 prizes since you joined Blingo Friends on 8/17/05.
Prize Won Status
iTunes Gift Certificate
thanks to Kemp 10/3/06 available now
Apple iPod Nano
thanks to QofS 9/26/06 in process
$25 Visa Gift Card 8/30/06 shipping
iTunes Gift Certificate 5/26/06 delivered
iTunes Gift Certificate 10/19/05 delivered
People you invited have won 2 prizes.

Sign up people. Maybe we can win a plasma tv next.

Everybody go click on my ad real quick. I don’t think I get more money if you do it, but it couldn’t hurt to try, right? The boy eats a lot of bananas.

One more thing… Erin put up a video of her kid throwing a fit today, so I made this video just for her. Well, I already had the footbage, I just put it on YouTube for her.

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  1. The video sounds so familiar.

    I refuse to get sucked into Grey’s Anatomy. It probably helps that the whole three minutes I’ve seen of it (not at the same time) were close-ups of the same teary-eyed doctor. I figure if all they do is play sad music and cry … bleah.

  2. yeah i watched that show like 2 times and didn’t like it. btw thanks for the video of claudia, it’s so comforting to know i’m not alone! but then – they are related…

  3. OK, I joined Blingo and added it to my Google page so I will use that to search (since I google about 100 things a day). I hope we win, I hope we win.
    PS – never watched Grey’s, I don’t watch much TV but it is almost always on in the hotel (except when I am reading).
    And I put flowers in crystal, I have a really pretty rose bush, planted in memory of my mom, and when there is an especially nice bud I will cut it and put it in a crystal vase I have. But it is a single bud vase, and was mom’s, I didn’t register for it.
    I don’t know if I can talk to any of the other stuff. Evil Dead the musical? I think Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3, I think) would have worked better but they didn’t ask me. bastards.

  4. Oh, yeah. About the vase thing. Who puts DIRT in a vase? Aren’t you supposed to put water and flowers in a vase? Just asking …

  5. I joined, just so you can win a tv. Now we just have to win…

  6. While I seem to be outnumbered, ‘Grey’s’ is a pretty good show. It was great on Sundays, now on Thursday, it’s only good. (CSI is great, I watch it and TiVo – DVR, actually – Grey’s).

  7. ROFL at the Metallica thing! FIRE, BAD!!! heeeeeeeheheh!

    Metallica was the first concert I ever went to – when I was 16. Good times, good times.

  8. It must be a guy thing because I like Grey’s as well. My Wife sucked me into it because I can’t help but stare at the t.v. when I pass it and that was it. Oh and I will Join Blingo just because I always do what I’m told.

  9. I don’t know, I got a parrot vase that was uglier than shit when i got married. That one deserved to only have dirt in it. My nice ones? Well I put dried flowers or silk flowers in them. I am allergic to most real ones.

    Grey’s Anatomy is addicting. And very good. I just got hooked last month. Now I’ve seen all of them thanks to Netflix. So um…what is blingo or whatever? I’m all for you winning things and me too but how can we win? I don’t get it.

  10. So I’m confused… Did you WIN an iPod Nano? Or you CAN win one?

    And yes, Grey’s Anatomy is good. It’s one of the few things on TV that I watch regularly.

  11. I watch Grey’s Anatamy. I admit it. I rented the first season from the video store and now I’m hooked. My advice: don’t watch it or you, too, will be hooked and spend countless hours watching TV drivel.

  12. Don’t let anyone fool you. Grey’s is good stuff. Meredith Grey herself is a bit of an annoying character, but the supporting characters (especially Cristina Yang and Preston Burke) are great and have amazing story lines. And really, Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy) and his hair are worth watching for the whole hour.

  13. That video of Claudia could have been Morgan…I swear it. I picked her up from daycare last week – it took me 6 fits like that to get her near the car, then I had to throw her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, haul her back into the daycare, and told her daddy would pick her up before she calmed down enough to strap in the carseat.

    Grey’s – love it. But, I’m drawn to medical dramas.

  14. Oh yes – and your winning has inspired me to join blingo.

  15. Okay you’ve twisted my arms into joining Blingo.
    And – you beat some ass after you got done filming?
    I just got done beatign some ass myself…….

  16. Pah.

    I just let her lay there and scream for a while I think filming the incident was punishment enough.

  17. Carlos Mencia – word!

  18. Now, I’m curious. Why are you an EX Metallica fan?

  19. Wait, Evil Dead the musical? I wonder if my husband has heard of this. If not, he’s going to go crazy.

  20. I think we got 14 vases when we got married. We were in our mid twenties and in school, nearly broke and we got 14 VASES.

    I can be totally ungrateful.

  21. I went to join blingo but alas I am not eligible cos I dont live in the US. I’m sorry. As for Grey’s well I love it, watch it every week.

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