A One Question Quiz

Guess what movie Ian was talking about when he said “The movie is yucky.”*

I’ll post the answer tomorrow. The first person to guess correctly will win the people’s ovation and fame forever. (I’ll also burn you a cd. Maybe even The Sea Hags.)

*You will be disqualified if I happen to see you and tell you at a party I may or may not be attending this evening.

Keep in mind – the boy has a head cold and isn’t like he makes sense normally either.

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  1. Oh, I know. He spilled something all over a CD/Video cassette and he ran to you to tell you it was “yucky”. What was the movie?

  2. Actually, he was talking about the movie itself. I’m fixing the post so it says to guess the movie.

    (Janet gets another guess.)

  3. Thanks, I thougt I was being creative…I’ll take another guess!!!

    I think I’ll guess “A Bugs Life” because Lily thinks bugs are yucky lately and I tried to get her to watch it but she refuses! She thought the movie was yucky!

  4. I am going to guess “The Little Mermaid”

  5. dang, susan took my answer. So instead I will guess “Shrek” (one of supergirl’s favorites)

  6. Okay my guesses have been taken, so I will go with “Lilo and Stitch”

  7. Barnyard – i am actually going to blog about how bad it is.

  8. I was going to guess The Little Mermaid as well. Guess I have to go with another pick.

    Um, OK, was it Pride & Prejudice? I love that movie, but I can see how it would be yucky to a little boy.

  9. It must have been one from your porn stash you left laying around. I win. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

  10. My kids guess Toy Story. I’m thinking he meant to say “lucky” and was talking about a good movie – like Finding Nemo.

  11. Curious George?

    Have fun at the party you may or may not be attending.

  12. Two words: Red Dawn

  13. So, did you go or not go to the party? I see I am too late for the quiz.

  14. Little Mermaid is a great guess. But for the record I’ll say Taxi Driver. Sure, I know that’s probably not it but I took a shot.

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