Randomness Part 54

For the rest of you parents out there who are also forced to watch “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”: Don’t you think calling someone a Mousketool is the best insult ever?

This morning I went to the grocery store then the kids and I ate lunch and when I went back online (seriously, no more than three hours had passed) I had 63 new spams comments. 63! 15 minutes later I checked again and there were 10 more. What the hell? Most of them were about gambling or unmentionable acts that would seem impossible and the word/acronym “MILF” came up a lot.

One more thing. Everybody go tell Bridgette Happy Birthday and send her your best “Snakes on a Plane” take off. She loves that crap.

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  1. You need a some sort of authentication process for leaving comments. Otherwise mousketools like me can leave any ol’ saying :-)

  2. Sarah, I use WordPress and I have my comments set so that anyone commenting for the first time needs to be approved by me. It’s worked out very well at keeping the spam off the board, but still allowing people to post relatively freely. Not that I have a lot of comments anyway…. and btw, when I went in to clean out what had accumulated (I had 15 today in the space of a couple hours), I had a lot of those MILF ones too. That’s how I knew they were spam! 😉

  3. I have never heard of “mousketools” before this but I love it and I plan on calling my fiance this at some point tonight. LOL.

  4. I think Donald is a mousketool. Have you noticed how he always bails with Goofy, leaving Mickey with the chicks? I’m just saying.

  5. Oh my football loving mousketool.

    That’s all i have to say…

  6. Well, I think my Lions are the sorriest bunch of Mouseketools I’ve ever seen. And my Spartans aren’t far behind.

    And…I can’t stand that show. Give me Sesame Street anyday. Unfortunately, the beans think otherwise.

  7. I also particularly like the word “mouskedoer.”

  8. I got those MILF spams too! I blocked the url and no more. I had over a hundred over the weekend – but secretly? I was flattered. How sick am I?

    LOVE Mousekatool! Didn’t Brit-twit start out there?

  9. Sorry, that was me…I like MILFs. How many points do I get if I use MILF and Mousketool together in a sentence?

  10. What do you mean “forced” to watch The Mickey Mouse Club? It’s a great show. I even tivo it in case I miss it while I’m surfing the internet for MILF’s.


  11. i just want to say that the head-exploded-by-monster-kids-eye-lasers is sheer motherfucking GENIUS.

  12. Does it say anything about me that my self-esteem is so low that I would even take spam as long as I could pretend they were calling me a MILF?

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