You Were Wondering About Searches Again, Weren’t You?

Because it is clear to me that you have all been on the edge of your seats wondering What have people searched for in the past two weeks to end up on Sarah’s blog? I am dying to know.

– a woman pooed herself

– wendy the builder gay

You know, just because a woman is a construction worker it does not necessarily mean that she is a lesbian. Plus, I’m pretty sure Bob and Wendy are doing it.

– barfing in toilet photos
Really? Are you sure you really want what you are googling?

– sesame street confunction junction
This guy is all messed up.

– puke on my hand
While I acknowledge that, yes, my son has in fact puked in my hand twice in the past two weeks, I am still not the sicko that goes around googling that sort of thing.

– what the Spanish royal family did this week
Got me. Any guesses?

– “Kaiser Sousa”
Sill funny. Alison is a genius.

…and as always about 100 different variations of searches for Doodlebops without makeup (which I have recently added to my sidebar so these people can find it easier).

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  1. Bob and Wendy are totally doing it. Don’t they share custody of a cat?

  2. Doodlebps without makeup? Where?

  3. yup, totally had to go look at the doodlebops when you mentioned it. :)

  4. I think the most I have had was some guy looking for big boobs….

    You made my hubby’s day with the doodlebop thing.

  5. It can’t be long until someone will search for “doodlebops puke makeup”.

  6. I keep getting people searching largest Zit.

  7. LOL!!!
    You have to wonder about people.

  8. Dammit, why does everyone else get the good blogfodder searches?? I get lame stuff like “potty training boy” (which I’m not even doing) and “ode to a bee.” WTF?

  9. Oh that’s brilliant, I am very jealous – it’s only because you write such blogging gold!

    Searches sending visitors my way are much more prosaic. People searching for ‘childfree’ arrive at my blog quite a lot, must be a bit of a shock. :)

  10. Our big one so far is “baby head circumference off the charts.” Do I really talk about my kids’ enormous heads that much? Oh, boy…

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