I just went out to get the newspaper and I stepped on a dead bird in my driveway.

It squeaked a little bit like a cat toy, but nope – dead bird.


I just thought I’d share that with you guys. There is a dead bird in my driveway. It is little and cute and blue and it is no more. I hope I don’t get the bird flu.

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  1. ew.

  2. Matt and I have suicide lizards on the front sidewalk. I’ve squished a few myself and yeh, ew.

  3. did someone say dead bird? Huckleberry is on his way!

  4. Breath of life…ceased to exist!

  5. There is a dead mouse in my driveway. Jellyman claims not to be able to see it. I refuse to move it. The poor thing may never get a proper burial.

  6. I could be wrong but is there some kind of wives tale about dead birds being an omen?

    I’m sorry you stepped on it. That’s a bit icky, eh?

  7. If it squeaked a little, I think it might have been an almost dead bird… bird killer.

  8. I’m with Igmar. You’re a bird killer.

  9. You had SHOES on though, right?

  10. I’ve had two (2) dead chicken looking things in my yard in the past month. We don’t have chickens. We have a cat though, that apparently loves us very much.

  11. I feel your pain. When the house was being painted, I took Zoe the beagle, to work with me. We were coming out of the parking lot and she was sniffing around, I thought to pee. Nope, my sweet dog found a dearly departed mouse. Ugh.

    Shovel. You need a shovel.

  12. Omg, that’s nuts. You-N-Hoop and the stupid Bird Flu. Check out my blog to see why. At least we might be getting it together. :)

  13. You know, if your kids had seen it, here’s ( what you’d have to do… (Since I don’t know if this blog of yours does html I just pasted the link, ok?)

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