It Was Seven Years Ago Today

A lot of things have changed in my life in the last seven years.

Seven years ago today I had a job in sales in Tampa. I lived in a crappy little apartment and I was really worried because it looked like Hurricane Irene was going to ruin my outdoor wedding.

Today I am a stay at home mom with twin two year olds. I have a great house in Northern Virginia and I am worried that Ian is going to smear chocolate chips from the cookies he made with his Dad yesterday all over my carpet.

Do you want to know what hasn’t changed in seven years?

Wedding kiss

I still like kissing this guy.

Happy anniversary, Gabe.

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  1. awwww that is adorable! congratulations you guys! i am so happy for you both, and for your joy and happiness. we hope to visit you more in VA now! love britt

  2. Congratulations you two!

  3. Awwww…happy anniversary! Our 6th anniversary was on Friday (yes, we were married on Friday the 13th!).

    Hope you guys have a great anniversary!

  4. Congratulations!!

  5. Gorgeous picture. Congrats on seven years!

  6. and you said the last post was gross! hello, there is kissing in this one! on the lips. yucky.

    Happy Anniversary

  7. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Congrats and many wishes.
    we just turned 8 years and 2 kids and I love to kis her all the time – she doesn’t let me.

    I’m here for the first time and I’m glad I came


  10. Sweet. Happy anniversary.

  11. NO WAY! Today is our anniversary as well!!!

    This is why we were destined to be friends.

    Happy Anniversary, Sarah & Gabe.

  12. Happy Anniversary! Also in 7 years looks like Gabe had the pony tail and now you do. Yes?

  13. Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary, kids! love the tails!

  15. I remember when you found that dress! Aaaahhh, memories!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  16. That’s sooooooooo sweet!

  17. Congrats! We have married five and it seems like it was just yesterday when we had our first kiss.

  18. Congrats.

  19. Congratulations! Great picture!!

  20. Awwww…
    Happy Anniversary! Do I dare ask if you’re going out to celebrate?

  21. Happy Anniversary!

  22. Happy anniversary. What a great picture.

    YAY, you are in the seven year club now.

  23. Happy Anniversary, Sarah & Gabe!

    I am certain your October wedding was beautiful and I’m glad that you still love kissing each other seven years later!

  24. Happy day. Enjoy kissing.

  25. Happy Anniversary Sarah and Gabe. I hope you have the chance to do something nice without the kids.

  26. Very Cool!

  27. Awesome picture! Happy 7th anniversary!

  28. Today is my wedding anniversary also. Happy Anniversary!

  29. Congrats!! We celebrated 7 years this summer.

  30. Congrats, guys! Happy Anniversary!

  31. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary. That’s a great photo.

  32. Congratulations!! :) Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys got to celebrate!!!

  33. Congratulations! Happy 7 years!

  34. AWWWWWW…Congrats!

  35. Happy anniversary!!! Congrats!

  36. Congratulations to both of you! I can’t believe it has been that long. I Love you and Miss you….XOXOX!

  37. Sweet pic, congrats!

  38. Cograts and Happy Anniversary! Hope you have many more…


  39. Warmest congratulations! What a beautiful couple you are, what a beautiful family…

  40. Happy Anniversary to both of’re both very lucky, but Gabe is the luckiest. What a gorgeous photo…beats the one you showed me earlier today Sarah – ROFL!

  41. Congratulations, Sarah! You were a beautiful bride, I love your dress.

  42. Awwww….happy anniversary! And what a gorgeous photo. Where did you have your wedding? Is your husband from Tampa, too? Am I nosey enough?

  43. Yes, I hear that Vonmotorheads rock.

  44. Cheers! And here’s to many more.

  45. I know I’m late but – congratulations! 7 years means you’re over “the worst”, right? (We’re going on 11 now, seems to work just fine…)

  46. Yeah I”m late to the party too but congrats on 7 years! We’ll be celebrating 5 years in May. Man time flies!

  47. I like kissing Gabe too because he is real gay, and he pee’s sitting down

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