Randomness Part 56

I got a spam comment this week from “mexican xanax” and now I have so many questions. Is Mexican Xanax different than say, Canadian Xanax? Is it different because it is animate and can type spam messages? Does it speak English, because if not, there is no reason for me to even click on the link.

Thriller? (Roshni style, thanks to Gabe) (Yes, Crouton Boy posted this already.)

Since we were talking about him anyway (well, I was) here are 12 more reasons to read Cheeky’s Hideaway.

I used to work in inside sales which meant I did most of my work on the phone. Do you want to know why I always sold more when I was sick? Here’s why.

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  1. Holy Shit, that’s awful singing…. I couldn’t handle it for very long… the dude doesn’t sound too bad, but the girl… Hooooly Crap. That’s awful… And also? I, too, sound like Kathleen Turner when I have a cold. And I used to take orders for wire (don’t ask, it sucked) and the guys at headquarters would call all the time when I was sick, just to hear me talk.

  2. If you call the 800 numbers for customer service for my company you hear me, sick as HELL and completely unable to talk, making the IVR annoucements.
    I drank a scalding hot cup of tea with lemon and then did them.
    I sound like Kathleen Turner’s fatter sister.

  3. Nice Brooklyn Jasmine you got there. My monitor has been shattered and you owe me a new one. :)

  4. Yikes, that is some awful singing. To be fair, all that silicone must put a terrible strain on her vocal cords.

  5. I think Mexican xanax only relaxes you for a short period after lunch and before 3:00. I could be wrong.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M78dpKtr0w

    That’s the video for the song. I saw it a couple months ago. Still recovering.

  7. I think Chris was right about the Mexican Xanax. Plus, it most likely came into the US stuffed up somebody’s ass.

  8. Mexican Xanax is offered with red or green chile and is served with flour or corn torillas. However, combined with tequila it may give you the runs.

    As for the singing, I forgot this song began with the male vocals, and for a few moments thought it was a woman singing with a deeper voice. I should have stopped at that point, but no, I continued to listen and heard what sounded like a cat being beaten to the beat of the background music.

  9. Oops, I forgot my “t” in Tortillas. Must be that Mexican Xanax…

  10. Are those singers on Mexican Xanax?

    They should be if they’re not. Wholly crapoli. My ears are totally bleeding…Who do I send the ENT bills to?

  11. And I sound like Elmer Fudd when I’m sick. Guess that’s why my career in sales never took off.

    I’m tempted to say the audio recording of the song IS a fake because it sounds nothing like the video version Trish posted.

  12. Heh. I recorded my cell phone voicemail message last time I was sick. I wish I could sound like that all the time.

    Like I did when I was sick… not like that horrible singing. Egads.

  13. Sarah – Can’t find your e-mail address, but we just won on Blingo! Not a 42″ plasma or anything – “just” an i-tunes gift certificate. Hmm…on 2nd thought…maybe that will go well with new Ipod.

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