A Tragedy, or an Educational Opportunity?

We have another family living here with us.

A terrible tragedy has befallen these people.

no leg

So here is where you guys come in. Do I throw away the broken toy or is this a good opportunity to talk about diversity? Should our dollhouse people have a amputee daughter? Or would I just be saving garbage? What do you think?

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  1. I’d be torn as well. Get it? Torn? Sigh.

  2. Wow, that’s cool that you even considered the question, I don’t know that it would have even occured to me. I vote keep it and go for the lesson. If nothing else, your kiddo will have a funny story years from now about that broken toy her mom made her keep.

  3. I am laughing so hard right now I’m CRYING. That’s priceless.

    I think you should make her a peg leg.

  4. My son deliberately breaks off some of his army men’s legs and arms. What’s the point if there’s no wounded hero’s?
    I say keep the doll. Get her a special wheelchair and put a ramp on the dollhouse.

  5. Your Mother says:

    Throw out the daughter?? THROW OUT THE DAUGHTER??????

    Sarah, how could you even consider throwing out the DAUGHTER?

    Now there were times we considered throwing you out, but we kept our cool and DID NOT! I vote to keep her (unless she was REALLY bad.)

  6. I seem to remember a lot of Barbie’s with chewed off arms and legs!!!

  7. Yep – amputee the way to go. My close friend and business partner had her leg amputated when she was 11. These days, when she takes her artificial limb off to go swimming, kids ask her why, she says her leg is “magic.” And once at work on the way to see a client, it fell off, we knew that was a bad omen :)

  8. …sorry meant to add, but we laughed quite a lot.

  9. If I threw away all of the amputees, my girls wouldn’t have any dolls!

  10. I would probably keep it, but toss the LEG.
    Then you could call her Gimpy.

    (okay wait you meant to teach a GOOD lesson…….never mind)

  11. You should keep the leg too, and every day add a little more pesto and stink to it, until finally one of the carnivore toys eats it. Circle of life and all that.

  12. Keep the leg and toss the doll.

  13. Keep it!!

  14. Save the amputee!

  15. Can you get a doll-sized prosthetic?

    If not, I’m all for a pretzel peg leg.

  16. Keep it. It’s a life lesson for crap’s sake! I love it.

  17. As long as Ian and Claudia don’t mind the amputee toy, I’d say keep it…

  18. Well, I’m a total hypocrite…my ADVICE to you would be to throw it away; it’s junk. My PRACTICE in real life would be to keep it, step on the damned thing several times a day, and then curse myself for continually NOT throwing it away.

  19. All I know, when dealing with amputee women, get a prenup. I’m just sayin’

  20. Keep the leg in a “body box” and keep adding to it. Eventually you’ll have enough for a whole new Franken-Doll!!

  21. Gotta love the limb-different dolls just as much as the other dolls. But you may need to find out if your dollhouse is ADA compliant–so many aren’t these days.

  22. Hi. I’ve seen your name around and decided to come and check you out, your blog I mean. ….Anyway…..I had a very similar incident with the Little Tykes boy, my son left him on the stove and someone turned on the wrong element and his entire back melted. I decide to go and buy the replacement boy that came with a wheelchair and explain that to me son with the old “he went to the hospital” story. I can’t say it’s had any impact at all on his perceptions but it seemed like a good idea at the time. At least ten years later I have a story to tell.

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