Too Late For Love Thursday

Here is how I know for sure I married the right person:

We have some out of town company who also happen to be Bucs fans. This is fortunate for them because it tends to get a little bit cultish around here on Sundays.

This coming up Sunday Tampa Bay plays at 1:00 and Washington plays at 4:15. It will be a busy day. To add on to this Gabe just realized that his college team has a rare Sunday night game. So he sent me this e-mail –

Bulls play Cincinnati sunday night on ESPN. we need to BBQ all day. beer and pork will be crucial.

God, I love that man.

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  1. Don’t forget a LONG workout before all that beer and pork;-))


  2. Yes, he is quite a catch!
    Matt will be out of town on Sunday. I will have to enjoy beer and football by my lonesome! I miss you guys….and our cultish ways!

  3. Doug and I will be there at……well….whenever the pork is done… :)

  4. now that’s a keeper.

  5. too bad he’s a bucs fan, but you gotta take what you can get I guess

  6. Awww:-)

  7. God bless the Bucs for beating the Eagles. That was an unbelievable field goal! It’s a small solace in the wake of the ‘Skins debacle. And my Caps aren’t doing so well either. Sigh.

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