Fushing Feef (and other nonsense)

Those thieving bitches over at Bitacle have now stolen my stuff too (if you are reading this on Bitacle, please stop supporting them now.)

I felt bad for the bloggers that this was happening to, but I figured I wasn’t cool enough to be on their radar. Apparently I was mistaken. I am much cooler than I suspected.

Sierra Ale beer

While we are on the subject of stealing, I totally stole this picture from the Sierra Nevada website. I figured they wouldn’t mind too much because I just ripped it off so that I could tell you that I just bought a six pack of it and it is damn tasty.

This is a non-paid, non-solicited advertisement. I just love beer.

While we are on the subject of solicited advertisements, my new buddy Charlie (yes, THE Charlie, the one who was giving bloggers free portable DVD players a while back) sent us a package of Reynolds Fun Shapes.

fun shapesThe kit I got also came with a disposable camera so that we could participate in a photo contest that they are running.

The kit was adorable. They sent stars, hearts and little ghost shapes for Halloween.

I took the Goon Squad out to the store and we bought a brownie mix to use then we came home and started the project.

Here is what I learned:

1) Two year olds are a little young for baking.

2) My kids LOVE to take pictures with disposable cameras.

3) I love brownies.

Okay, technically I already knew I loved brownies. I didn’t get any good pictures because I was usurped as photographer, but the brownies themselves were very cute and delicious. I think these would be really fun if your kids were a little bit older, but mine didn’t seem to get it.

Then again my kids aren’t always the best barometer for what is normal. Today Claudia told me she had a problem and when I asked what her problem was she said “dancing” and then she did a little dance.
I don’t get it either.

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  1. What is Bitacle? Claudia’s comment killed me. Your kids are hilarious.

  2. I just found out about those thieves too…bastards.

    Those brownies look damn good.

  3. I have a new adjective to describe the situation – bitacular. Like, “your stuff got stolen? That’s effing bitacular!”

  4. HOw’d you find out your stuff was stolen?? I’m worried I’d have no idea

  5. I’m clueless on the bitacle thing, too.

    Petunia started helping to bake cookies when she was a little over two. She dumps the flour in, “helps” with the stirring, pushes the cookie cutters into the dough and dumps sprinkles on. Everything else is grownup work. She mostly likes to wear an apron and watch. When we’re cooking, she is great at brushing mushrooms clean, dumping ingredients in a bowl and spreading things in a thin layer on a cookie sheet to bake. But man does she like to watch.

  6. So, you’re much cooler than you suspected, you have tasty beer, you got free stuff, and you have brownies.

    hmmm. Hate.

  7. Those were some damn fine brownies too, although to be honest I’ve never met a brownie I didn’t like.

  8. I can find myself on bitacle… don’t know how to tell if they’re “stealing” my stuff. How do you tell??

  9. I love beer too. That was a totally solicited advertisment from the alcohol industry.

    Ok, not really. If they solicited me for anything, I’d be writing this comment from my plush throne atop my hilltop mansion in Someplace Nicer Then You Can Imagine, USA.

    But instead, it comes to you live from my cramped little office, filled with broken down cardboard boxes. Oh yeah.

  10. Okay what is bitacle?

  11. I haven’t found a blogger I know—including little ole ME!—who hasn’t been scraped by those bastards at Bitacle.

    My unknown unread blog? You know, high hit of maybe 10? 30 scraped and stolen entries. They suck.

    I think if you blog, you’ve been swiped.

    For those trying, on the search area? Select aggregate. Search that way.

    I’ll have to check into that beer for my husband. In case they ever let him out of the office, where he currently serves 20 hour workdays.

  12. Claudia’s “problem” was wonderfully adorable. I used to work at a preschool and I was an assistant teacher to a class of 18 2-year-olds. I loved them to death, and although I never experienced something that adorable, I can only hope that when I have a child, their biggest problem will be dancing.

  13. Claudia had better be careful. The rhythm is going to get her.

  14. I just got my FunShapes kit, and I’m buying brownie mix tonight to try them out. Sadly I must not have been cool enough back when they gave out portable DVD players. Damn.

    And yeah, Bitacle sucks ass.

  15. Did someone say brownies? Excuse me.

  16. Oh dude those brownie things are just up Chef Louie’s alley. We need those!

  17. Hmmm, I was thinking I’m probably not cool enough for them to steal either, maybe I need to go look. I got those fun shapes too. Charlie rocks. I just want him to give us something really cool like um…hell if I know.

    Claudia is too cute. I’m laughing about that one.

  18. People, can we stop saying scraped in regards to Bitacle? It sounds so Pap Smearish.

  19. A-ha, that explains why your blogfeed now reads so menacingly.

  20. I totally want a beer now. That stuff looks fabulous.

    Maybe we should make our first get-together include beer instead of and/or in addition to coffee. If things here ever calm down enough for me to do more than lay around like a lump on the couch every weekend. 😉

  21. And Stephen King!
    Will you be my best friend?

  22. I wonder if you’d be willing to do a whole entry on Bitacle, for those of us who are clueless. It sounds interesting, and I don’t get what’s happening. Um, I mean THOSE OTHER PEOPLE don’t get it.

  23. I don’t know what Bitacle is either. I went to their site but it was just a search engine. What exactly are you referring to? I want to be mad too!

    If you enjoy seasonal beer then please do yourself a favor and stock up on Anchor Steam Christmas. It should be out in a few weeks. It is Christmas in a bottle.

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