Cards For Sorrow, Cards For Pain

I have mentioned before that Gabe and I have a tradition of giving out cards for the wrong occasion or cards in foreign languages. The goal is never to get anything touching or appropriate but to get a good laugh. Our anniversary was a week and a half ago. Unfortunately, I was sick that day so Gabe came home with two cards.

One card was in braille. It was my “Get Well Soon” card.

The other one was my anniversary card. Mark was over here the other day and he thought that my anniversary card from Gabe was funny enough to take a video of and then post on his video blog. Mark also got a huge kick out of what Gabe wrote in it.
Now that you’ve seen it, you can imagine how much The Goon Squad loves this card. What you couldn’t possibly imagine is how many times I’ve heard the first 20 seconds of “The Final Countdown” in the past 10 days. Ian will just walk around with the card and open it up over and over and over again.

On a non-card related note, Claudia is sound asleep sitting up on the couch in her jacket, sunglasses and a string of silver beads that includes skulls and crossbones on it that my friend Angie brought to the kids from a Bucs game. I’m just going to let her sleep like that. At least she is napping.

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  1. That is SO freaking funny. I think I should start the same tradition in this house. LOVE IT.

  2. That is hilarious.

    I would also love to see a picture of Claudia sleeping like that. my guess? She is going to have a sore neck! But she’s a kid, they bounce right back


  3. Along the same line (sorta – hey, it’s a blurred line) – we always send my best friend birthday cards for “her” from Hallmark’s Mahogany collection. Hey, we think it’s funny.

  4. Brilliant card.

    Like Dubya, I sent a Mahogany card once too. For the record, my mom didn’t think it was too funny when she got it.

  5. That is some good stuff. Nearly as good as Aaron’s cards every time he sends me flowers.

    I believe the last one said something about me being good to pork.

  6. LOL…Oh great, now I have that song in my head. Ironically my daughter is now standing next to me insisting I play it again. See what you started?

  7. OK now she’s doing the fake laugh where she pretends to understand the joke. OK, that is pretty cute. You’re forgiven.

  8. Aw, c’mon! You put a note up about how Claudia is sleeping and don’t post a picture?! Meanie! I love funny kid sleeping pictures!

  9. so is mazal tov for your anniversary is in place ?

  10. Years ago when my best friend and I worked for the same company and wacky boss, we discovered these cards that we soooo over the top serious and sappy and long winded we didn’t know weather to laugh or cry..we could NOT figure out if they were serious or not…so we bought our boss one.

    I think it was an 8 page essay on how much we appreciated him.

    We just left it on his desk. We saw him read it.

    He never said a word….I think it worried him that we either cared for him THAT much or were the total bitches he always thought we were.

  11. Totally off this subject but… ..

    My daughter told Daddy a knock-knock joke tonight when we called him to say “night, night” just like every other night. Instead of the banana or boo-hoo, this was the joke:

    Gabi: “Knock Knock”
    Daddy: “Who’s there?
    Gabi: “Mommy”
    Daddy: “Mommy who?”
    Gabi: “Mommy, aren’t you glad I didn’t pinch your butt?” Insert hysterical 4 yr old laughter here. For the record, I had been tickling her behind, but still. Where the hell do they come up with this stuff?

    I know it a few posts late, but I had nothing when you did the “knock knock” post. I still would like to know where I can find some good, child-friendly knock knock jokes for her. She loves telling them, she just needs some new material!

  12. 7 FN YEARS! I laughed so hard at this stupid card and the stupid song that there were TEARS in my eyes. My hub, however, didn’t get it.

    Ah well! Still funny!

  13. That card is great! :)

    On an unrelated note, you had said at one point you wanted to host the Friday Flicks. Do you still?

  14. Husband and I do the same thing, but with inappropriate kids cards (Get Well, Little Man!)

    Braille, though. That’s an all time award winner.

  15. Mostly I just want to point out how completely awesome you are for referencing Rocky Horror.
    Don’t dream it, be it!
    (Flashing back to my days doing the stage show… sorry)

  16. Special thanks to Jack’s Raging Mommy for finally getting my joke.

  17. I like to send stupid cards too, but I got in trouble last time because I bought a card for my husband to send to his mom, and it was all like “Mommy, I love it when we cuddle” which was frickin hillarious at hallmark, but apparently less so at home.

    Who giggled at the end of the video? Someone cannot get over the hillarity!

  18. Count me in with JRM – your title rocks! Love love love Rocky Horror.

    We never buy cards. We’re so lame.

  19. This is so awesome – and we do the same thing! I think it started with a Feliz Navidad christmas card but now we hit the “ebony” section pretty good.

    And huge props for the Rocky Horror reference in the title. I’m loving you just a little more today.

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