Five Reasons I Had a Good Weekend Last Weekend

1) Two of my long lost friends from High School came to visit me. I hadn’t seen them in eight and ten years (respectively) and it was as if we had seen each other six months ago. It was great. We had a lot of fun.

2) The Bucs beat the Eagles. The Bucs beat the Eagles in the last 4 seconds of the game on a 62 yard field goal while there were seven (well five, the twins were wearing their jerseys, but they weren’t really paying attention) Tampa Bay fans in my living room. We were screaming so loud that we made Ian cry. I felt kind of bad about the crying part, but I’m still glad they won.

3) Gabe made some really good barbecue.

4) On Sunday morning the kids slept until after 8:00 am.

5) I beat Metro Dad in fantasy football.

(Okay, I totally admit this post was just a huge ploy to gloat about beating Pierre. It would have been posted closer to the actual weekend, but I’ve been trying since Tuesday to figure out how to post the scoreboard which I am clearly incapable of doing but the score was 83 – 71 if you were wondering.)

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  1. There’s nothing sweeter. UT scored with under 2 minutes to play this Saturday against Nebraska to come behind and win it. Hell yeah!

    The Browns, my NFL team (I’m from Cleveland, whaddya gonna do), may suck, but at least I live someplace where college football kicks ass.

  2. I’m glad *someone* is having a good football year–I’m having a Superbowl hangover right along with Big Ben. But hey, didn’t Tampa Bay beat the Bengals, too? WOOO HOOO. Let’s hope they sock it to ol’ Eli this weekend.

  3. Have I beat you yet? Because You know…I am 7-0

    7 and 0 bitches

  4. Let the record show that not only did Sarah spank my ass, she also was cocky enough to send me an e-mail on Sunday (before the games started) basically saying that I was her bitch and she was going to whoop my ass…which she did.

    Oh yeah, one more thing…I was favored by almost 20 points!


  5. See… I totally psyched you out.


    QoS, I haven’t played you yet. You will not go udefeated against the points gods of Williams, Bush and Jones. (snort)

  6. Yes, but I beat YOUR ass on Sunday in a different league. 😎 And the Bengals won! How on earth is that possible?

  7. I think it was the pain and anguish of Pete and Joel all the way from our house that made Ian cry. Bless his sensitivity to others. Little guy’s response, “Mom, stop saying ‘oh no.’ Why you keep saying ‘oh no’?”

  8. I thought of you when I saw the Bucs win.

  9. This is a totally late comment, but, im always late.

    Being one of those two old friends… i whole heartedly agree. Awesome time, great end of game yell (sans the Ian getting upset part), and i am still dreaming about that pork. mmmmm pork

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