Randomness Part 57

Now I’ve seen everything. (thanks Frank Sucks)

I stand corrected. (Frank again)

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  1. Oh my God! That rules.

  2. I’m speechless.

  3. All kids shows should be like that!

  4. Uhm. Huh?

  5. Frank Sucks says:

    The Squad must be on pancake mt!!!!

  6. The puppet’s voice reminds me of Norm MacDonald.

    If they had snack during that children’s concert, they could call it a “Nosh Pit”.

  7. That’s not nearly as bad as what I’m going to do to your fantasy football team tomorrow.

    That’s right, I went there.

  8. I do love the Flaming Lips. It was entertaining. The second was merely scary.

  9. As great it is to see a puppet singing, i thought it was far more great that the guy clearly didn’t know the tune to ‘we built this city’ – I mean, has he been living under a rock? Even the puppet knew it!

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