Cinnamon Buttcrack (and other searches)

I am still trying to calculate the scores from Friday Flicks. Who knew it would be so complicated? I am also working on a meme about books. In the meantime I wanted to share some more of the messed up things people are searching for.

For example, why was someone searching for cinnamon buttcrack? How did they end up here? For that matter can anyone explain the rest of these?
Thanksgiving Flashdance

Love jokes to tell on Halloween

carnivore toys

dad fart

happy butthole

doodlebops drug bust

what is Helloween?

knock knock jokes and “poop”


Okay, I’m off to watch the Halloween episode of “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” for the third time today. It is one of the few ways I can stop The Goon Squad from trying to hug their jack-o-lanterns that we (and by we I mean Gabe) carved yesterday.

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  1. First they take off their make-up and then, drug bust! (Personally, I’d have to be on some serious cinnamon-butt crack to wear that make-up in the first place.)

  2. Matt carved a jack o lantern yesterday too. I sat on the couch and watched.

  3. Are you trying to embarrass me? What I search for in my own time is my own business.

    I got here this morning by searching for “random Blingo cheaters hold hand vomit and dead bird while kissing vince neil’s whitesnake on a plane”.

    And once again, here I am. I should carve something.

  4. But what IS Helloween?

  5. Carnivore toys and happy butthole are going to be my favorites.

  6. Hum… those 2 searches are done from my town…
    Love jokes to tell on Halloween
    what is Helloween?

    Seriously, half of town is french pea soup like me.

    I work in both languages so I am not so bad… But I have a brother which went back to school to learn english better.

    I find it too bad ’cause he would come up with shit like that and it was FUNNEEYY.

    Anyway I have to go you know.. EH? c’est quoi qui se passe la? Sti?

  7. Have they watched Spookley the Square Pumpkin? My girls love it. (yay)

  8. I’m the #2 Google search result for Gorgeous Nipples.

  9. OK! I admit it…cinnamon buttcrack was me…tee hee heee..

    That’s a great name for a blog though…ha

  10. Aviva just posted our top 11 search terms, but she did it in the form of a story. Enjoy!

  11. Carnivore toys are a new truck that you push a button and it turns into something else. My son just got one that is a hotrod that turns into a tiger. I was searching for another style to buy him for Christmas. Grow up.

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