Go ahead. Take a guess. (A Contest)

ball shooterI know what it is (it shoots out balls for batting practice) and I know what it looks like (drug paraphernalia) but go ahead and guess what The Goon Squad thought it was?

ball shooter 2

If you can figure out what they thought it was I will give you a prize. And then I will question your sanity, because you think like two crazy two year olds.

(And Susan, I haven’t forgotten about your prize. I am just famously bad at mailing things. Plus, I spend too much time online.)

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  1. Ummm… A microphone? A telescope? A really great way to drive Mommy crazy?

  2. A vacuum cleaner?

  3. An industrial floor waxer? A blowgun? A zamboni?

  4. I’m going with bubble blower. Or tuba.

  5. A snorkel!!

  6. a vaccuum.. or something that shoots things out at them for fun?! lol

  7. a baby bottle? a chainsaw? a tv camera?

  8. a hair dryer? a telescope?

  9. A bubble blower was my guess as well.

  10. A Baby Magnet?
    A Shoe Polisher?
    A Knock Knock Joke disher-outer?
    A um…I can’t

  11. A potty?

  12. A Microscope.

  13. If they are like my 4 year old, they thought it was a saxophone. Thats what Scamp does with it before he uses it for it’s intended usage.

    P.S. Stand well back when they hit. That bat hurts and those balls can be little rockets of pain when smacked just so by wee ones.

    Not that I’d know anything about that…or the nice nurse at the emergency room…


  14. A kaleidescope. A telescope. One of those things where you whisper into one end and can hear it perfectly clearly in the other end.

  15. A telephone? A periscope?

  16. A bong?

  17. One of those tubes you use to shoot spit balls? Or maybe a bubble gum or jelly bean dispense?

  18. One of those big pipe things that they show the Swiss guy using on the Riccola commercials, “REEE-CO-LAAAAAAAA”.

  19. a ray gun. Oh wait, they are too young for science fiction. A toilet then.

  20. maybe this is bad parenting on my part but my 3 yr old boy would say it’s a penis. seriously.

  21. A golf club? (Umm… I don’t play golf. Just as well.)

  22. a snail?

  23. I’m pretty sure it shoots balls out of the blue part. Or hamsters. Oooh, it’s a hamster gun!

  24. Telephone?

  25. potty

  26. A noo-noo. (Or what Gidge apparently calls a “vacuum cleaner.”)

    Maybe a ride-on toy, like a really fancy version of a Harry Potter broomstick.

  27. A leaf blower. That’s what I’m thinking. Or a lawn mower!

  28. a loudspeaker/bullhorn

  29. they’re outside, so I’m saying a lawn mower.

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