Blue. No, Yellow!

Yesterday we had a class coffee for The Goon Squad’s preschool class.

I know it sounds silly, and I had no idea what to expect but it was really nice to sit around and talk about our kids with their teacher and the other parents in the class.

One of the things the teacher asked us was to go around the room and tell everyone the thing we liked best about having a two year old (or in my case two of them) and also what we found the most frustrating.

I said that the thing I liked best was that they were learning new things every day and that they were continually cracking me up. Then I said the thing that frustrated me the most was the constancy and the repeating. Ian says everything 37 times in a row. It drives me batty.

However, I would like to change my answer.

Today we had one thing to get accomplished (well, one thing besides three meals, and laundry, and bathing, and reading, and dishes and general cleaning). We needed to go to the grocery store. That was it. We discussed it yesterday and the kids were completely on board. They even agreed on which grocery store we would be visiting.

The plan was to go to the store early in the day. We were going to leave right after rush hour (or rush hours if you live here). So eight thirty rolls around and I decided that we should start getting ready. Hell, it takes us at least 15 minutes to get from the living room into the car most days, and we’re just talking about the garage that is physically attached to the house.

Well, this morning Claudia wanted nothing to do with getting dressed. She didn’t want to wear anything out of her closet. I think she associates the clothes in her closet with going to school. She was insisting on wearing something out of the drawer. The problem here is that it is about 50 degrees outside and I keep her shorts and tank tops in the drawer. Still, she rejected every outsit I chose.

In the meantime, Ian pooped.

Then someone was hungry.

Then someone was thirsty.

Then there was another temper tantrum.

Then Claudia needed a new diaper.

Then it was 11:00 and they were hungry for lunch, because the lunatics woke up this morning at 5:45 am.

I get Claudia fed. Get through another temper tantrum. Force clothes on her and find her brother sound asleep on the living room floor.

This is the most frustrating part of having a two year old. Or two year olds. I cannot get anything done that involves leaving the house. Okay, I can’t get anything done that involves staying home.

Now Claudia, too is sleeping on the living room floor about four feet away from her brother.

Oh well, at least I can do some laundry. I would post a picture of the kids sleeping but on Wednesday morning my camera was mysteriously broken.

Hmmm. I might need to change my answer again.

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  1. Hey, my digital camera broke last week and so did Marcy’s. This is uncanny. Was there some kind of digital camera “pinch” event that we missed? (See Friday Flicks, quote 2.)

  2. Whenever I would complain about the two’s, my cousins would say, “Oh, the two’s are nothing compared to the three’s. We call them the THRASHING THREE’S.” And I would think, “Oh my God, how will I ever make it if it gets worse than this?” But now Petunia is three, and the past several months have been ever so much better than the two’s. I think my cousins just don’t have any control of their kids.

  3. I can’t believe you actually go to the grocery store with two two-year-olds sometimes. That’s like achieving world peace. (I’ll note that world peace is also “just one thing.” Maybe tomorrow you can get to that?)

  4. We finally made it at 2:30.

    I’ll see what I can do about World Peace on Saturday. I’ve got a playgroup here tomorrow and The Ravens game on Sunday.

  5. Did you just say “the raven’s game” and not the bucs game?

    Just wondering

  6. Yes. I live waaaaaaay closer to Baltimore than Tampa.

    But we’re going to try to go to the Bucs game when we’re there.

  7. I can’t imagine having two of them. You’re like some kind of super hero.

  8. Ditto on the hero comment. My friend has twins about the age of the Goon Squad *and* a newborn baby (what we like to call the “Buy two, get one free” form of IVF) and the fact that she not only gets more stuff done than me but has the nerve to be CHEERFUL makes me wonder if she can also walk through walls or prepare food just by thinking about it. Good Lord.

    I’m thinking if you’re counting noses at the end of the day and there are still two little ones in the tally, you’re doing well.

  9. Good. It’s not just me. And I only have one.

  10. Makes me glad I only have one two year old…not that one two year old and one four year old is much easier. Just no napping. Did you ever get to the store?

  11. I feel your pain, Momma.

  12. I think your twins are talking to my twins…

  13. Only a mother of multiples could squeeze world peace in between a playgroup and a Ravens game. Let us know how that goes.

  14. can i buy you a beer?

  15. Mine are 5 and 3, and I can barely get out the door. If they were both simultaneously 2, I’d be petitioning for some online grocery shopping options in this town.

  16. Sarah……you have my Dawson times two and I don’t know how the hell you do it. I would be losing my mind….and my hair…..from pulling it out.

  17. Oh my God I thought by the time they turned two it would stop.

    45 minutes getting out the door this morning. AFTER they were fed and dressed.

    I may just STAY in the car from now on.

  18. OMG!!! That is SOOO the story of my life!! Just add two more kids into the mix, and you’ve got me!! Aren’t 2yo twins teh greatest??? ugh…… is it 5pm yet?

  19. I don’t know how you do it! I consider it a miraculous feat to wake up, get dressed, walk the dogs & get myself to work. I know I couldn’t take care of 2 people!!!

  20. Oh, I was hoping it gets easier, too. Dammit.

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