Ding Ding Ding. We Have a Winner.

Shash won the contest from yesterday when she guessed that my kids thought the mystery toy was a saxophone.

I’m not even sure how they knew what a saxophone was (I guess I teach them things accidentally all of the time. I wonder if they still remember that William Green and I have the same birthday?) but they both agreed that it was in fact a saxomophone.

Oh right. The Simpsons. That is probably how they know what a sax is.Lisa Simpson Sax

Would it be okay with you guys if we all pretended that I said they knew what a saxophone was from watching Classical Baby instead of The Simpsons?

Okay. Great.

Shash please e-mail me your address and I will mail you a lovely musical gift (you know, a cd that I burn for you). I do take requests.

Oh, and I want everyone to know that i haven’t forgotten you are waiting for your scores from Friday Flicks. I’m just waiting for Kelli to e-mail me back some scoring details.

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  1. No, the Simpsons are a great, smart show. It’s great that they know about the Simpsons! Besides, those Baby Classical things are totally just a marketing ploy to get you to buy something else you don’t need. Lisa Simpson is a cultural icon!

  2. Wow!!! I won! How cool!!!

    Thanks, Goon Squad, for doing the same thing that Scamp does! You guys rock my socks!


  3. I agree with Nicky–you rock in my book for having little ones that are Simpsons-literate so early in life!

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