In Just Seven Days I Will Give You Your Results

Here are the answers from my Friday Flicks last week.Since I am really bad at math, Kelli has calculated the results from last weeks Friday Flicks. If you want to play again this week, she will have them posted over at her site some time today. She does want to warn you: “Tell everybody if they want to come play it’s back at my site tomorrow. Movies are more likely to involve talking animals, musicals, or other chick stuff rather than crime. I’m a wuss like that. :) (hopefully that will work out well for Jenna at least)”.

First points for movies go to:
1. Bump
2. Mr. Big Dubya
3. Bump
4. Mrs. Fortune
5. Bump
6. Britt
7. Lumpyheadsmom
8. Trish
9. Chag
10. Mr. Big Dubya

Those being the people who got the most complete answer first. Then here are the overall point totals for the round:
(It would probably be polite to link all these people, but I have trouble doing that in email.)

Mr Big Dubya 15 woo hoo!
Chag– 8
Jack’s Raging Mommy– 7
Bump– 7
Sarah- 7
Kara– 6
Beth– 6
Shash– 5
Carrie– 5
Mrs. Fortune– 4
Merseydotes– 4
Lumpyheadsmom– 4
Britt- 4
Trish– 3
Kate– 2
Kelli– 2
Alison– 2
Jenn– 2
Melissa- 2
Lori- 1
Mamachristy– 1
Laina– 1
Becky– 1
Devra– 1
Whit – 1
Jenna– 1
QofS– 1
Gidge– 1
Chase– 1

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  1. yeah, i am much better at chick stuff, what can i say. or sports or war movies, since that is what the boyfriend watches. I’ll be playing!


  2. Are you even remotely surprised that Mr. Big Dubya was a rockstar at this? IMDB has wires running into his brain so it can serve up info it doesn’t have handy.

  3. YAY I got two right, I feel so um….lame. Oh well, maybe I’ll have more luck on the talking animal one.

  4. 6th place!?! holy cow! my self esteem got booted! haha

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