John McCain Woke Up My Kids

Let’s be honest. Really he just woke Ian up.

Okay, and while we’re telling the truth he woke them up by calling my house.John McCain Shining

And right. It was actually a recording of John McCain.

He wanted me to vote Republican on Tuesday.

Listen here Johnny. If I wanted to re-elect a racist Senator I’d move to West Virginia or Tennessee.

Maybe that was uncalled for. But still, I hope that during the next election they stop letting them call my house. It’s driving me crazy. Can I get on some sort of no political call list? Do they really think that I will be swayed by a recording that bothers me after my kids go to sleep? Or during dinner? Do they really think I am going to stand there and listen to their whole spiel?


Is it almost over?

Don’t get me wrong. I am glad I get to vote. In fact I am taking the kids with me this year 1) because I want them to see the process and 2) I have no babysitter. I am just ready to be done with the insanity of this election.

That being said, I heard a political commentator on the radio the other day mention that at 12:01 on November 8th the 2008 Presidential Election begins. I’m guessing this is the part where living near DC gets really annoying. I hope the traffic gets worse! (That was sarcasm. It’s hard to type sarcasm.) I’d better go buy some more advil.

(I found this picture on a site called American Dinosaur. It cracked me up.)

*** Updated – My phone just rang and I had to rush out of the bathroom to get the phone. It was Laura Bush. That’s right. You heard me. Laura Bush just got me off of the toilet. I only got up because I thought it might have been Gabe or Lumpyhead’s Mom. Not even close. Stupid First ladies always bugging me when I’m in the bathroom. (Shut up, it’s not crass. I keep telling the kids that everybody poops.) Son of a…

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  1. My phone has been very quiet for the last several days, because I took it off the hook. We have been innundated by so many phone calls, which is bad enough, but they start at 8:30 a.m. and I work second shift! It was either take the phone off the hook or kill someone. Since I have a few morals, I opted for off the hook. :)

    BTW, I had calls from John McCain AND Barbra Streisand.

  2. Dude. Me too. (except the twins part) :)

    And Ed Harris called me the other day.

    How about Johnny Depp. I mean seriously. Love the bald look but let’s really try to speak to voters…


  3. I started running phone numbers through a reverse directory. DC and Virginia were to be expected, but what cantidate called me from Ontario??

  4. I seem to have been lucky as I don’t get any phone calls, but I am so sick of the hateful commercials.

    And it’s true, everyone does poop.

  5. My inlaws got the same calls. So far, we’ve escaped. Bastards.

  6. that’s why we have no landline. :) Ahhh, the beauty of un-accessable cell phones, and large minutes plans. :) But seriously? I’d be pissed too if I were you, especially since the GOP has a huge database, and they probably are only calling the democrats or independents just to try to sway them either way.

  7. yeah, I went off on this last week at the Huffington Post. Since then, it’s only gotten worse. Bill Clinton has called TWICE now. And Al Gore. And a whole bunch of people I’ve never heard of. No republicans yet, though. Maybe they just know better.

  8. Okay but did she invite you over for Tea at the White House since you live so close now?
    I mean seriously, if I called you and GOT YOUR OFF THE TOILET I would totally invite you over, just to be polite.
    Even a recording of me would do so.
    As an aside, I bought this phone at Walmart that I can program multiple types of rings based on who is calling – so everyone I know who MIGHT call has a special “ring tone” just like a cell phone. When I hear the regular old ring tone, I don’t even bother with the bitch.
    And that is the ENTIRE reason why I bought this phone.
    It’s like caller ID and I don’t even have to get up to see who it is on the display. It’s aweome.

  9. Well we are certainly on different telemarketing lists, that’s for sure. I’ve been getting calls from Robert DeNiro telling me to vote for Senator Clinton. Not such a bad reason to get out of bed, in my opinion.

    Love your racist line btw…and not uncalled for in the least.

  10. Now you guys have me all freaked out. Did one of you tell Virginia that I was a republican?

    Erin? Kemp?

  11. I have yet to get a political phone call. I only get offers to change my home mortage (I rent an apartment) in Spanish (not a language I speak). They call in the afternoon, so I guess I am lucky no politician is waking me up in the morning.

  12. Isn’t that, like, covered under the DNC (that is to say, the Do Not Call) phone spam list?

    Anyway I get called by both parties–mailed too. A Bluey in a Reddie state. They fight for my soul with a passion. The Jehovah’s Witnesses who came to my door yesterday pale in comparison.

    I enjoy it, especially the poll calls. I ALWAYS fill out Republican polls. I just think of a person and/or computer somewhere imploding in a large puff of smoke as None of the Stats Line Up! Hee hee

    Listen we all get our jollies off in some way.

  13. I got the same call. And another from Allen in which he said something along the lines of “I don’t like making these calls because I don’t like receiving them, but I have a very important message that I need to get out to you” and then he proceeded to condemn gay marriage, telling us his position was that marriage is between a man and a woman. His final fatal error was telling me that he hopes we can uphold Virginians values by voting for him. I was never so ashamed to live in this state.

    And you’re right, the whole Beltway mentality gets obnoxious from here until the 2008 election. I try to tune it out.

  14. Good lord, they’re CALLING now?! This is ridiculous.

  15. Dude, you need to star 69 their asses and call THEM up and wake up their kids.

    Seriously, I’d be much, much less likely to vote for someone if they called me. I don’t think my relationship with any politician is at that level, you know?

  16. I got a call from President CLINTON. No idea who he was shilling for, but I listened. Couldn’t believe it.

  17. LMAO, the voting system is such a joke. I can’t believe people put up with this crap. How come no people don’t react and do something about it? Do people know that this doesn’t happen in most civilized, modern, democratic countries?

    A more important topic might be why you got off the toilet for the phone:-))? If the phone rings and I’m busy I don’t care. If it’s important people will call back. And nothing disturbs me in the bathroom ,the only place on earth where I’m free from kids and fucking customers.


  18. In Texas, the irritating thing is that we’ll never see a democrat in office EVER. Plus, in Austin, you’re like 99.9% likely to be some hippy who votes dem (or green, or something).

    Because of this, I don’t get either campaign’s crap shoved in my face all the time.

    But I used to live in Ohio.

  19. I haven’t used a landline in years.

    I do get the emails though.

  20. The best thing about taking the boys voting is that they give EVERYONE the “I VOTED” stickers and it gives you enough time to actually mark your ballot. Hope they have them at YOUR polling place!

  21. I got a call from John McCain and I am in Canada! Of course, it came post-election. Apparently he wants to emigrate.

  22. Leslie H. says:

    Saw your blog by accident. You can go to the site below – hope it helps. I just signed up yesterday and since it is the day before the primary, it might be too late to get off their lists. I have gotten one barack obama call but of the 4 I have received in the last 24 hrs., 3 have been john mccain.

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